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The relationship has been phenomenal and the interaction and follow-up between your staff and facilities has been nothing less than superb. Having Veregy (formerly Dynamix Engineering) function as a participating partner, created an environment of trust and team building that provided for a harmonious atmosphere. While the benefits to RMH were obvious, I want to thank you for both the commitment to quality and the financial commitment you made. I know the project may not have been as financially rewarding as planned, but you maintained the promise you made to guarantee the quality, schedule, and cost, no matter the challenge.

Richard G. Colwell

Director of Project Management, OhioHealth Project Design and Construction

I have experienced countless projects (large and small) where Veregy (formerly Dynamix Engineering) served as the lead engineering firm. And every time, I have been impressed with the construction manager, architects and others who seem delighted to tell me, “We really appreciate the Veregy team… They are easy to reach, are constantly on the jobsite, and respond quickly when we have questions or require in-the-field modifications.” I like engineers who are passionate about their work and find solutions that make construction teams happy, and that’s what Veregy does. They bring expertise to the table, form solid relationships, and get the job done well.

Michael D. Greely

Vice President of Operations, Lexington Medical Center

Veregy Engineering (formerly Dynamix Engineering) was, and is, the most thorough, attentive, and graceful engineering firm I have worked with, not to mention fun. The Veregy team took everything to a new level by not only teaching, but by asking, incorporating, and caring about Adams’ experience and ideas, many of which were incorporated into the project. Ultimately, this led to an award-winning project and great team! If asked, “Would Adams work with Veregy Engineering again?” I would respond, “Yes!” with the enthusiasm of a best friend coming to town!

Ted Wood

Senior Chief Estimator, Adams Electric Co.

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Veregy Engineering (formerly Dynamix Engineering) launched in Columbus, Ohio, in 1997 as a full-service mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and technology engineering firm that focuses on design engineering and systems assessments. Our team provides consulting engineering services for building and infrastructure systems to the healthcare, education, government, transportation, commercial, recreation and sports, and energy segments. Today, our business is one of the U.S.’ top 100 engineering firms that takes on some of the nation’s largest projects.

As sustainability pioneers and engineering experts, we have dedicated ourselves to green, sustainable design. We have built a portfolio of LEED Certified- to Platinum-level projects. But LEED Certified or not, energy efficiency and sustainability are integral to all our design solutions. We are also a technology leader – the first of our peers to establish BIM and an adviser to several large American firms.

We also measure our success by the customer relationships we’ve nurtured with our clients. Beyond our leading-edge, technology-driven, sustainable designs, we are innovative problem solvers who specialize in resolving major issues every step of the way. Our team demonstrates diligence and hard work, respect for clients’ time and budget, and fierce commitment to being the best. Our chief goal is establishing a relationship with each client that lasts long after the project is done.


Veregy uses its experience and expertise to bring consistent results on local, state, and national levels through collaboration with clients, architects, and consultants. Our multi-disciplinary expertise allows us to integrate seamlessly into any project workflow or team environment. With fewer consultants to manage, we ensure a seamless project for clients.

  • HVAC Systems
  • Plumbing and Fire Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Energy Conservation Planning and Design
  • Lighting Systems
  • Building Controls
  • Fire Alarm
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • Telecom
  • Sound Systems
  • Nurse Call
  • Overhead Paging Systems
  • Video Distribution and Conferencing
  • Network Infrastructure
  • DDC & PLC Control System Design and Programming
  • Commissioning & Assessments
  • Construction Management MEPT
  • Integrated System Design Expertise


Veregy was a sustainability leader long before it became an industry trend to pursue green design options. Many of our clients seek LEED Certification from the U.S. Green Buildings Council for their project, and our innovative designs help them achieve that designation. From energy-efficient lighting and mechanical systems to sustainable design strategies and building automation systems, our engineers have used the USGBC’s rating plan before it was considered the standard.

Veregy Engineering provides leading-edge services using the latest technology and innovative delivery systems. Our clients benefit from advanced engineering solutions delivered consistently, accurately, and efficiently. We are committed to the principles of energy-efficient, LEED-certified, and sustainable design. We specialize in technologies, such as BIM and IPD, and our technology engineering firm is made up of RCDDs with specialty certifications in multiple disciplines.

We are steadfast in our commitment to support our clients and their specific project goals through web-based communications tools, formalized quality control and quality assurance processes, dedicated market sector teams, and in-house technology systems design.


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With a well-established catalog of services to best suit every facet of the process, Veregy Engineering offers initial project analysis, design, construction, unveiling, and maintenance. With modern technology and time-tested management and plan implementation, our team brings clients complete selection of building design and construction solutions.


  • HVAC Systems
  • Plumbing
  • Fire Protection
  • Central Energy Plant
  • Central Chillers
  • Central Heating
  • Temperature Controls
  • Geothermal Systems

Electrical Power and Lighting

  • Primary/Secondary Power Distribution
  • Emergency Power
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Power Conditioning
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Lighting


  • Technology Utility Infrastructures
  • Telephony/Network Equipment
  • Wireless System Design and Modeling
  • Data Centers
  • Audio/Video
  • Distance Learning Systems
  • Telehealth Systems (e-Health)
  • Electronic Security Systems
  • IP Video Surveillance
  • Electronic Access Control
  • Infant Protection Systems
  • Control Centers
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Smart Room Technology
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems Integration


We have developed a comprehensive checklist of on-site components to review and tests to run before suiting an operation with the most optimal plan of attack to get a facility to run at peak performance with minimal energy waste.

Construction Administration & Management

Our engineers work directly with business owners, architects an outside engineers to maintain and organized, transparent, and efficient construction project. We partner and leverage our field experience to offer the best solutions for clients’ building needs at every step of the process.

Project Delivery Methods

Veregy knows each building owner or organization has design preferences. So, we are adaptable to a multitude of project delivery methods and strategies, including traditional design-bid-build, design-assist, design-build, and integrated project delivery.


Design-build is one of the best methods to deliver a project on time. We work directly with clients as the main point of contact to cover all project phases, from initial review and design to implementation, construction, and testing.

Assessments & Master Planning

Adequate analysis and proper construction planning are a must for building for success. We review current systems and identify what pieces and parts can be salvaged or updated before we begin our complete and comprehensive planning phase.

Energy Services

As a certified LEED partner, our green design team specializes in sustainable building design. We can suit a client’s facility with proper energy systems and other energy conservation technologies to minimize monthly operation costs and maximize a building’s longevity.



Veregy unites nine regional engineering, energy, and sustainable building solutions firms into one company focused on better buildings, advanced systems, and great customer relationships. We serve clients in three distinct U.S. regions: West, Central, and East.

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