Smart Building & Systems Integrations

Complete, organized facilities control in the palm of your hand

Today’s building operations are complex, putting pressure on facilities and managers. There are literally thousands of variables to track, multiple users in multiple systems and fragmented and overloaded systems.

Facilities managers get overwhelmed trying to keep up, knowing who’s responsible for tracking peak demand and other systems stats, what needs to be fixed, how to manage costs, which systems impact utility demand at a given time and more. This creates dissonance.

Veregy’s integrated building software platform called “Orchestrate” empowers building systems to anticipate, communicate, and operate as a harmonious smart building. It’s customizable to each client’s facility systems’ needs, and they choose the apps that best fit.

How does it work?

A sophisticated but simple interface dashboard allows building owners to see and manage everything they need. With an easy-to-use remote control, managers receive equipment alarms and maintenance requests with a single click, get live integrated reports and monthly updates that summarize savings, predict trends, automate energy storage and release, and orchestrate cost savings through grid coordination in ways other systems simply can’t.

Currently, more than 8,000 users in more than 100 facilities use Orchestrate apps to remove the workflow barriers from disparate and disconnected technologies. Bringing all your systems together, Orchestrate lets you set up and remotely manage a truly integrated Smart Building platform in one harmonious interface.

Join the already 8,000+ users in discovering what Orchestrate can do for your facility!


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