Automated Demand Management

Watch Your Energy Bills Decline With Effective Demand Management Strategies.

Reduce Your Electric Bill By Up To 30% By Automatically Adjusting Your Building Operation, In Real Time.

Intelligent building control,

not another passive energy dashboard.

Put Gridcap To Work For You


    We connect with your existing building automation system (BAS).  We can work with almost all modern systems including Niagara, Automated Logic, Metasys, and more.  After implementation, your live electrical data will be available through the Gripcap dashboard.


    Once connected, we monitor your building’s operation in real time and determine the most effective ways to reduce your electrical demand.  Our demand saving algorithms are fine-tuned and customized to each specific building.  The strategies are designed to lower electrical costs without affecting occupant comfort.


    Once our custom strategies are implemented, we continue to monitor your building’s demand profile in real time and verify that your demand charges are under control.  We continue to fine-tune strategies to maximize savings.  There is nothing for you to do besides watch your electric bills drop.

    Discover Gridcap To Maximize Electric Savings


      Gridcap is a demand management software solution designed by Veregy to help bring buildings into the Internet of Things (IoT).  We saw a need for clients to be able to automatically manage electrical demand to maintain control of their electric bills. This led to the development of Gridcap which can provide Building Demand Management, Peak Load Management, and Automated Demand Response all in one easy-to-use platform.


      Our goal is to empower our clients by enabling them to control their own electric costs.  By doing so, Gridcap users reduce their carbon footprint and make the world a greener, more efficient place, all while saving money and increasing operational efficiency.


      Gridcap works by constantly monitoring electric grid conditions as well as your building’s electrical demand.  When conditions are right, our custom algorithms automatically shed your building’s load to reduce monthly and annual electrical demand charges.  All the heavy lifting is done automatically in the Gridcap cloud and strategies are tuned to maintain occupant comfort.

      Success Stories

        Learn How Gridcap Can Work For You

        “We are very excited to now have a partner that is looking out for our best interest. On top of that, Orchestrate is providing additional savings that is allowing our District to do more.”

        Jared Reynolds, Chief Operations Officer, Phoenix Union Schools