Grand Opening of Bloom-Vernon Schools Air-Supported Athletic Dome

November 14, 2023

Bloom-Vernon Local Schools (South Webster, Ohio), in partnership with Veregy, has officially opened their 22,000-square-foot air-supported athletic dome.

Rising 35 feet high, this facility boasts all-purpose flooring, two basketball/volleyball courts, and a two-lane track spanning 1/10 of a mile. Students, as well as the entire South Webster community, will benefit from this new, versatile space for athletic and recreational activities.

The district celebrated this milestone with a grand opening ceremony, inviting community members to join the festivities. Superintendent Marc Kreischer delivered opening remarks, followed by an official ribbon-cutting ceremony. Students and community members were then invited to walk around the new track to experience the facility firsthand.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was a testament to the collaborative efforts of Bloom-Vernon and all local contractors involved. As the builder on the project, Veregy is honored to have contributed to this milestone achievement and looks forward to witnessing the positive impact this facility will have on the local community.

Additional Details:

Dome Material:

  • Utilizes vinyl-coated polyester fabric for enhanced durability and resilience against natural elements, making it fire, stain, and fade-resistant.
  • Treated to provide protection against sunlight, cold weather, mildew, and chemical pollutants, ensuring a long-lasting and healthy environment.
  • Incorporates an overhead skylight to introduce natural daylight, creating a more open and inviting atmosphere within the enclosed space.

HVAC Equipment:

  • Relies on dependable, custom-designed mechanical equipment to support the structure and maintain its shape.
  • The main heat and inflation unit constantly monitors internal pressure, adjusting fresh air intake to ensure the dome maintains its intended form.
  • A heat exchanger warms the air, maintaining an optimal temperature for athletes and fans using the facility.
  • Backup equipment is in place to keep the dome inflated in virtually any conditions.

 Energy & Operational Benefits:

  • Designed to include an energy-efficient third layer and insulation to keep heating and cooling costs low.
  • Requires fewer artificial lighting fixtures than a standard indoor sports facility due to dome shape and reflectivity of the material liner.
  • Air-supported dome has lower construction costs and minimal maintenance relative to other structure types


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