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veregy Partners with Valley metro

Solar and Shade Project a Huge Success

Veregy has built its business creating more efficient and sustainable buildings and we were proud to partner with Valley Metro on their solar shade project. The project began, initially, as little more than large steel canopies but quickly became much larger and forward-thinking. Owing to our longstanding partnership Valley Metro asked us for options around the additional costs of adding solar. We understood from the start that as a public entity Valley Metro would need something that was not only cost-effective but reliable and long-lasting.

Relying on our deep understanding of solar projects we presented Valley Metro with a plan that took their shade project to the next level. By utilizing their existing budget for the project and energy we were able to design a solution that did not require a single penny of additional capital dollars. This project exemplifies site development at its best. Valley Metro went from 76,000 sq ft of barren concrete to 3,528 solar panels, generating 1.24 megawatts of power, and shade for 140 buses. This project has moved the needle forward on Valley Metro’s sustainability plan and will have benefits for Valley Metro and Mesa for decades to come.

Veregy Midwest Clients Have Great Things to Say About our Work

At Veregy we are grateful for the wonderful and positive reviews our clients have given! Hear what Midwest school districts have to say about Veregy. 

Veregy Completes More Solar Auto Canopy Installations

Watch how the Indiana at Evansville Regional Airport solar project is the first of its kind in Indiana – the first solar-covered parking canopies installed at an airport and the second-largest airport solar canopy installation in the United States. 

Veregy Talks About Healthy, Safer Sustainable Environments

Watch our Veregy Team talk at a high level about Healthy, Safer, and Sustainable Environments as we battle Covid-19.  As one of the premiere ESCO’s in the country, we have completed hundreds of life and health safety projects.

Veregy Partners with Valley Metro in Multi-Benefit Sustainability Project

This project exemplifies site development at its best. Valley Metro went from 76,000 sq ft of barren concrete to 3,528 solar panels, generating 1.24 megawatts of power, and shade for 140 buses. 


Veregy Enhances Energy Usage at the Tarkio Activity Center

Veregy completed a major energy project at the Tarkio Activity Center in Tarkio, Missouri. Watch video below to learn more!

Union R-XI School District Energy-Efficient Renovation

The Union R-XI School District energy efficiency project will save the District $95,767 per year in energy, operations and maintenance costs. With the help of Veregy’s team, the District was awarded utility incentives in the amount of $77,690.


Veregy Renovates Another Historic Courthouse in Missouri

Veregy and the City of Perry County collaborated on a project to bring life back into the historic Courthouse. Exterior improvements were made to blend with the Romanesque Revival-style of the building, including new doors, windows, and concrete work.

Veregy Improves Lincoln Elementary’s Learning Environment in 63 Days

The Jacksonville, Illinois School District selected Veregy as their partner for the renovation of the 1952 Lincoln Elementary Facility. Confined to the summer, Veregy had 63 days to turn the 64 year old facility into a healthy, safe, and productive learning environment.

Veregy Helps Improve Learning Environments in the Midwest

The Veregy Midwest team shares the importance of reducing a carbon footprint and how it positively affects your child’s education.

Veregy Installs Energy Saving Lighting at the Reynoldsburg Lighting at the Reynoldsburg Schools Football Field

Veregy Installs LED Lighting for Reynoldsburg City Schools Football Field.

Northwest Ohio ESC Dolar

The Northwest Ohio Educational Service Center, 23 schools, and 2 career centers partnered with Veregy to implement a facility improvement energy conservation project. The project included the installation of a 280 kW DC Solar Array.

City of Eloy Water / Wastewater Project

The City of Eloy has partnered with Veregy for a comprehensive Water / Wastewater Project. The energy-efficiency upgrades, including Solar PV and well upgrades, will save the City $5.9 million over 30 years.

Washington County Commissioner Shares Experience Partnering With Veregy

Kevin Ritter, President of the Washington County Board of Commissioners shares his experience working with Veregy on their $14.2M Phase II Energy & Facility Improvement Project.