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Audits, Evaluations and Improvements Designed to Lower Costs

Guaranteed Energy Savings

Budget pressures, escalating energy costs, and aging facilities force decision-makers to do more with less. Performance Contracting is an innovative approach that helps superintendents, city administrators, county commissioners, and other facility professionals fund energy improvements using the savings produced by their improvements. Put simply, it allows owners to make improvements to their facilities to make operations more efficient, cut energy usage, or reduce water usage by partnering with an energy services company to pay for these upgrades using future energy savings. Using this budget-neutral method helps owners avoid using capital budgets for these sorts of projects. Most states have legislation to address much-needed facility upgrades and Veregy finds clients energy-efficient solutions, often without impacting their budget.

Veregy is a NAESCO Accredited Energy Services Company


Veregy clients can sometimes upgrade without an upfront capital investment. Performance Contracting shifts the energy and operational savings from the public entity to Veregy, and provides a single point of accountability. Plus, using our in-house or local partnering professionals helps local economies grow.

Project success starts with a meeting to review client goals. That’s where Veregy engineers identify potential cost savings and maintenance needs. They analyze facilities and audit usage to redirect money to fund the project.

Veregy solutions reduce maintenance costs, equipment breakdown, and “warranty chasing.” Clients can reinvest funds saved from lower energy and water bills for facility improvements that positively impact sustainability planning. Performance Contracting means energy-, gas-, and water-saving projects pay for themselves.

Upgrades That Save Include:

  • Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Building Controls
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Improved Lighting
  • Building Envelope Improvements
  • Water Conservation
  • Electric Vehicle and Bus Infrastructure


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Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)/Facility Improvement Measures (FIMs)

Veregy guides the development of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)/Facility Improvement Measures (FIMs) to ensure clients meet their efficiency goals. Our review lets clients analyze savings and associated costs to expedite the decision-making process and assure that all options are considered.

After an audit, the Veregy team collects information and consults with internal experts and client representatives at key milestones to screen ECMs and FIMs. This process refines the measures to match site conditions, facility improvement capital expense, and helps everyone understand client preferences to increase synergies among the ECMs and FIMs. We truly collaborate to develop a customized project, rather than a preconceived set of ECMs lacking savings opportunities and project FIMs unique to a client’s situation.


Upgrading inefficient lighting is one of the simplest and most effective methods of reducing energy use and cost. Our expert lighting engineers will design a solution designed to save money and increase occupant comfort.


Old and inefficient heating and cooling systems are one of the biggest drivers of wasted energy and money. Our talented and experienced engineers will evaluate your current equipment and implementation and design a turnkey solution including retrofits, replacement, recommissioning, or installing all new equipment.


From restroom and kitchens to irrigation systems, reductions in water use not only save money but make buildings more sustainable. After a thorough evaluation our in-house water engineers will design a customized turnkey solution for your facilities.


A properly controlled building is more efficient and easier to manage saving on energy and operations and maintenance. We  design and install non-propriety building automation systems, so clients are not locked in with any one equipment manufacturer. Using our industry leading Digital Services, we can help you integrate your entire facility into a smart building of the future with seamless operations.

Building Envelope

A properly sealed building means you’re only maintaining the temperature inside and not the whole outdoors. With decades of experience in building envelope solutions you can count on us to design and implement a system that keeps dollars from leaking out.

Solar/Battery Storage

Along with reducing energy use, Solar and Battery storage systems allow you to create your own. Our industry leading solar engineers have the experience to design an efficient, cost effective, solar solution for your facilities.

Waste Water

Wastewater treatment centers are typically one of the largest energy-consuming facilities within a municipality. Veregy has water and wastewater experts that can conduct no-cost preliminary energy audits within qualified communities to determine the potential to implement an energy savings program. In many cases, we are able to save 25-30% energy through our performance programs. 


The project developer and energy engineers will holistically evaluate the entire facility and the effects of implementation. We consider all factors that affect the cost, feasibility, synergies, and operation of various systems. We will gather, review, and confirm technical information and identify missing data.

During the audit, Veregy will evaluate the implementation factors and incorporate them into the ECM and FIM selection dialog.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Long-range master plans for renovation, expansion or new construction
  • Cost-reduction goals and risk tolerance
  • Capital-supported FIMs
  • Equipment and fuel preferences
  • Design standards, existing equipment and spare parts inventories
  • Current operational and/or maintenance problems
  • Equipment replacement needs dictated by age, capacity or refrigerant phase-out plans
  • Inadequate comfort control or indoor air quality
  • Goals, such as operating safe and secure facilities, limiting impact to operations and staff, and building upon previous energy efficiency retrofits


Veregy partners with clients, placing their interests first and focusing on meeting needs. Only after a thorough investigation of facilities and energy usage do we recommend solutions.

On every solution, we guarantee the project cost up-front to eliminate future change orders. Because our highly trained and experienced engineers design projects according to plan, we stand behind our energy savings projections with a guarantee: If the savings aren’t met, we will write a check for the shortfall.

Measurement and Verification

Veregy applies International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) guidelines on all projects to measure and verify energy savings. These procedures are commonly used in any performance contract and define the proper procedures and standards to measure energy savings completely and accurately. Our M&V experts are trained and certified in this methodology.


Veregy unites nine regional engineering, energy, and sustainable building solutions firms into one company focused on better buildings, advanced systems, and great client relationships. We serve clients in three distinct U.S. regions: West, Central, and East.

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