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Simplify and Accelerate Your Campus Decarbonization Transition

Colleges and universities face tighter budgets and increasing demand for quality learning environments that operate on ever-evolving technologies and space. Veregy’s procurement and financial solutions enable timely digital and physical campus enhancements. A dramatic drop in capital spending has created a backlog of needs, adding to operating and capital burdens. While limited budgets delay capital expenditures, they eventually lead to inoperable and inefficient building systems.

Compounding these challenges, students, parents, and faculty want environmentally focused campuses working toward a greener, more sustainable community.  They view wasteful and inefficient campuses as both fiscally and ethically irresponsible.

Learn how Veregy helps colleges and universities meet campus sustainability challenges and financial responsibility with projects that ultimately pay for themselves. Our turnkey solutions have modernized facilities for greater efficiency while providing safe, healthy, and more sustainable environments for students, faculty, and staff.

Strategies for improving campus energy efficiency along with long-term master planning will positively impact campus operations, comfort, and the student/staff experience. Veregy brings comprehensive financial, procurement, decarbonization, and infrastructure solutions to achieve all your campus needs.


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Master Planning and Decarbonization

In today’s environment, decarbonization is increasingly being recognized as a critical long-term solution to a sustainable planet. Most campuses have very old energy infrastructures that are inefficient and more expensive to maintain. In addition, there is tremendous pressure to reduce global GHG emissions. There are external regulations and policy changes along with internal energy usage, and GHG emission reduction goals driving the colleges and universities to develop an actionable roadmap that produces results. Veregy is well-positioned to provide decarbonization services that focus on helping businesses to meet GHG emissions reduction goals including net-zero solutions.

Campus and Facilities

Working together, Veregy will develop campus improvements that will contribute to your strategic priorities, modernize facilities, move towards decarbonization, and reduce unnecessary spending. Veregy project developers and energy engineers will holistically evaluate the entire campus and the effects of implementation. We consider all factors that affect the cost, feasibility, synergies, and operation of various systems.

Contracting and Procurement

We simplify and accelerate procurement, funding, and the complexity of applying for federal and state incentives to develop a long-term master plan. Veregy will collaborate with key stakeholders to package the solution that best meets your institution’s long-term strategic goals and preserve capital. Colleges and universities can upgrade without an upfront capital investment. Our contracting method shifts the financial and operational risks from the public entity to Veregy and provides a single point of accountability.

Digital Services

Veregy can integrate, design, and manage your campus building systems to provide you with the most benefit to control overall energy use and put your campus on the path to decarbonization. Veregy’s Digital Services are designed to unify complex, fragmented, and labor-intensive facility management systems into a collaborative, user-friendly platform. These services address the variety of challenges operations personnel face on a day-to-day basis.


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