Smart Buildings & Master Systems Integration

Connect Your Disparate Systems To Operate As A Harmonious Smart Building.

Reach The New Standard For Smart Buildings

Drive outcomes by connecting your data to your facility management systems.

Connect Your Data To Optimize Your Processes.

Modern buildings produce huge amounts of data, but data and dashboards alone don’t provide you with valuable business outcomes.  Connecting your facility management systems and integrating your data drives more efficient processes, reduces costs, and helps you to achieve your operational goals.

Integrated Workflows

Design and implement virtual workflows to coordinate multiple systems in real time.  Identify inefficiencies in your operations and automate tasks to drive outcomes for your organization.


Digital Facility Management

Leverage your integrated systems to digitize facility management, improve occupant comfort, and keep budgets focused on business outcomes not service contractor hours.

Integration as a Service

Let our automation engine coordinate your edge services.  Stop fighting multiple control systems and data providers and bring them together in a single pane of glass.

Managed Analytics

Data is complex.  Implementing a dashboard or data silo doesn’t add value to your organization.  Let us analyze your data, identify hidden opportunities, and implement solutions to realize outcomes for your organization.

Our Impact


Reduction In Operating Cost

Square Feet Managed By Our Workflows

Buildings Impacted By Our Technology


Reduction In Occupant Comfort Complaints

Integrated Systems With Supported Workflows

Experience Unprecedented Connectivity And Impeccable Reliability.

Orchestrate is an integration platform built out of necessity to serve facility operators and organization administrators.  With a unique background in facility management and an extensive history in HVAC, infrastructure, and other capital improvement focused projects, Veregy created Orchestrate to address common challenges in the HVAC and facility management industry. 

Take advantage of a purpose-built integration platform, designed by industry experts, to coordinate all of your facility management systems under one interface.  Orchestrate simplifies everything from tracking utility consumption to coordinating facility schedules to tracking work orders between multiple systems.

Our Clients

“To have someone finally be able to solve our issues has been wonderful.  The integrations and visibility of our systems is a game changer.”

John Parks, IT & Facilities Director, Sedona Unified Schools

Integrate Your Systems

To Drive Efficiency

Unlock the potential of smart building technologies and your facilities with Orchestrate.  By integrating facility management systems and focusing on open architectures you can drive more efficient operations and leverage technology to save time/money and reduce headaches.


“Orchestrate provided a necessary work-flow systems for our facility and maintenance crew…Now everything is tied together in one platform.”

Greg Wyman, Superintendent, J.O. Combs Unified School District