Local Government

Project efficiency, community sustainability, and financial responsibility for leaders and their constituents

Like other public entities, local government budgets are continually stretched further even as energy prices rise, forcing their property administrators to do more with less. Deferred maintenance avoids immediate capital expenditures, but it results in inoperable and inefficient building systems.  Properties lack up-to-date operating control systems. Those that do often have propriety and hard-to-use systems, so there is no easy way to diagnose equipment problems or schedule on/off times to save energy when the facilities are not in use.

Residents expect local governments to not only be good stewards of the taxpayers’ money, but to also set examples for environmentally responsible and sustainable communities that will be viable far into the future.

Veregy helps local governments meet the challenges of community sustainability and financial responsibility with projects designed to reap rewards beyond the bottom line. We lead energy-efficient design solutions for counties and cities including public safety facilities, recreation and aqua centers, and wastewater treatment plants, all while maximizing taxpayer dollars.

Local Government Solutions:

  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Electric Vehicles and EV Infrastructure
  • Water Meters and AMI
  • Leak Detection
  • Street Lighting
  • Traffic Signals
  • Distributed Energy
  • Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Veregy is one of only 13 NAESCO Accredited Energy Service Providers and is on the DOE qualified list of ESCOs.


Our turnkey solutions modernize facilities to operate efficiently while providing safe and healthy environments for occupants. Our experience and expertise ensures local government projects enhance a building’s environment while reducing its environmental impact, without tapping already stretched resources.

Veregy is the primary contractor for various multi-phase, task-order contracts for state and local governments. Our experienced team balances program goals with public interest, while serving the unique demands of multi-stakeholder municipalities. Because government building projects tend to have less flexibility than their private sector counterparts, we handle every step — from initial design through implementation — with transparency and care. We developed a system of clear communication that promotes both project efficiency and respect to all parties involved.

Case Studies

The City of Florissant Case Study Preview

City of Florissant

The City of Groveport Case Study Preview

City of Groveport

Hamilton County Case Study Preview

Hamilton County

City of O'Fallon

City of O’Fallon

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