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Design, Master Planning, Facility Assessments, and Commissioning With an Eye on Efficiency

Engineering Design

Veregy offers Engineering Design services for plumbing, fire protection, HVAC, electrical, technology, and med gas with expertise in a wide variety of project types, including Integrated Lean Delivery Process, Integrated Project Delivery, Pebble Projects, Evidence-based Design, LEED, Green Globes and more.

We have a team approach, communicating with all the players, including owners and design professionals. This approach yields a faster finish with better results. And, we give clients a single project manager accountable through the entire process for all project aspects, including design, construction, and ongoing building performance.

We establish project goals upfront, so team members work together to develop the most cost-effective solutions. This enables us to complete projects faster. We can typically cut project completion time by one-third, by starting key elements while others are still in design.

Veregy taps a variety of technologies throughout the design process, including: Building Information Modeling (BIM), Energy Modeling, Light Analysis, Laser Measurement & 3D space implementation, Customized Controls Graphic Interfaces, Air Measurement & Monitoring, and Thermal Imaging. Using these cutting-edge tools, we offer clients key information for decision making, reduced initial and long-term costs, shortened construction schedules, and unique solutions.


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As a certified sustainable partner, Veregy works actively toward complete sustainability for clients’ operations. Our design team consults with clients to discuss the best, most energy efficient route to meet key goals on time. Our extensive knowledge of the LEED Certification program ensures a reduced carbon footprint, minimized energy costs and maximized structural longevity of facilities and systems.

We have the tools and resources to integrate and automate various systems, model energy solutions, and review total current and future energy usage. Imagine starting a new building project with guaranteed lower operating costs.

Finally, traditional Design/Build project change orders can add to a final project cost. But Veregy guarantees the project cost, so there are no change orders. Veregy also guarantees the facility’s energy and operational costs, unheard of in traditional approaches. Combined with faster project completion, it’s clear Veregy is the Engineering Design leader.

Some examples of our applied innovation include:

  • Water efficiency
  • Energy performance optimization
  • Hydronic heating and cooling
  • Indoor air quality control
  • Building automation and controls

Master Planning and Facility Assessments

During a standard master planning and assessment, Veregy measures and evaluates mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and technology systems, and gives clients a thorough report with recommendations for viable improvements that target true facility needs. This could include energy efficiency, meeting code requirements, or changes to accommodate current and long-term facility needs.

Veregy starts with a sharp focus on the client and their bottom line. We evaluate the status of the HVAC, plumbing, electrical systems, age of the equipment, and many other building components to get a firm grasp on the environment. If a piece of the existing space can be updated or salvaged, Veregy will save it.

We then tackle the functional objectives of the space through proper planning. From there, we use our integrated design expertise to bring together the landscape with environmental sensitivity and other regularly enforced building standards in mind.

Veregy also excels at assessing clients’ now and future needs and mapping out strategies for all essential systems. We work closely with the owner, identify utility tie-ins, and develop a flexible plan that accommodates design changes over time. Throughout the master planning process, Veregy helps owners meet goals and build toward specific future outcomes.


Veregy is the ideal commissioning partner to ensure building systems perform interactively according to the design intent and owner needs. We execute this critical construction step with diligence and proficiency, verifying and documenting the performance of facility equipment and systems. Our team considers it a job well done when everything is properly installed and operational and the O&M manuals are complete.

Veregy develops a commissioning plan during the first stages of a guaranteed energy saving project to integrate into design, construction, startup, functional testing, training, acceptance, and measurement and verification. We verify and document the complete performance of a building and its various energy systems.

Our core objective is to affirm every part of a facility is adequately planned for, optimally designed, seamlessly installed, and properly tested to assure a high-quality experience for years to come. As part of our performance guarantee, we focus commissioning efforts on planned project goals. Veregy works with project team members to create a written summary of these goals to drive the commissioning process. Veregy’s building commissioning team will confirm all components of the proposed complex will work properly at maximum efficiency.

With extensive industry experience we review a building’s functions and state of being to help cut energy costs and ensure peak performance. This helps minimize the bottom line and boosts the longevity of a space and its internal systems. We look in-depth at current operating sequences, internal safety areas, air quality, and many other components to guarantee a smooth construction process.


Veregy unites nine regional engineering, energy, and sustainable building solutions firms into one company focused on better buildings, advanced systems, and great client relationships. We serve clients in three distinct U.S. regions: West, Central, and East.

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