Environmental, Health, and Safety

Veregy’s Most Vital Assets Are Our Employees


Veregy is known for design flexibility and willingness to work with clients to find the best solutions by determining priorities based on time, cost, and risk. Our philosophy is clear – satisfying the needs of the owner and project, while maintaining project quality, safety, and code compliance. Veregy has an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of 0.64, which is better than the industry average of 1.0, and we participate in the Safety Round Table of the Unified Group. We apply our Integrated Project Delivery method to reduce project risk for each project we manage. In the integrated project delivery method, an owner, engineer (in-house Veregy resource), and builder/construction manager (in-house Veregy resource) collaborate to develop the plan to achieve project goals. This method ensures that all project stakeholders are involved in the planning and execution process, so that potential risks are identified and mitigated before they can negatively affect the project.

The key to this methodology is constant communication across all parties. We use daily stand-up meetings at the job site, weekly progress reviews, future work planning meetings, and monthly formal Program Management Reviews (PMRs) to track project progress. Our digital SiteDocs software provides 24-7 access to project data to all project stakeholders.

Quality Assurance & Control

At Veregy, we believe that you must “sweat the details” from the start to ensure a successful project. To that end, senior management require that all employees embody this core value. Veregy takes a proactive approach to quality management, by focusing on prevention, detection, and correction through analysis, monitoring, and continuous improvement. Veregy’s Quality Management Plan (QMP) is comprised of internal review procedures in support of QA activities at the program level and QC activities at the individual project level. QA is responsible for establishing policies, plans, procedures, and monitoring QC task efforts to ensure compliance with both internal corporate and external customer quality systems. QC occurs at the task level and is the measurement and evaluation of the tasks and/or deliverables described in each TO.

Safety of Our Clients

With our vast experience working with hundreds of school districts nationwide, as well as multiple local government projects, we are sensitive to various construction challenges associated within their facilities including limited working hours, child and staff safety, client communication, and scheduling. This experience base allows us to consult with clients to ensure we collectively agree when project work should be conducted. A dedicated safety manager will work with your facility management team to create a schedule that works best in coordination with all building occupants, community, students, and staff. Education on safety and safety training is available to your staff on-site and online, providing thorough instruction and the flexibility your staff needs to stay informed and safe.

Accident Prevention

Veregy is fully dedicated to a zero-accident philosophy: a concept that we can prevent all accidents. Accidents should not be an inherent part of construction or service work. Accordingly, Veregy is committed to sustaining a safe work environment through the following practices:

  • Incorporating safety into the planning, construction, and maintenance of all Veregy facilities, project sites, and equipment
  • Making the necessary resources available to properly inform our employees of accident prevention programs
  • Holding all employees accountable for adhering to our safety policy
  • Empowering employees to correct all safety concerns
  • Complying with applicable rules and regulations relating to safety conditions and OSHA requirements


Training is an integral part of all energy projects. Our training process incorporates lessons learned from implementing performance contracts for more than 1,000 public facilities. Our success with previous programs is a testament to our ability to provide the thorough training necessary to ensure we meet your energy conservation and renewable energy goals. Veregy will work with solution providers, vendors, subcontractors, and your district to develop a customized training program that will not only ensure the proper operation and maintenance of the ECM systems in a cost-effective manner but will also enhance the skill sets of the operators.

Paul Benson headshot

Paul Benson, SR., SMS

Director of Veregy Environmental, Health, & Safety

Our dedication to Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) here at Veregy is award–winning, and every project we take on has a dedicated EHS manager. We insist on all the proper safety gear for our employees, and ensure all of our work is done to meet or exceed all local and national codes. As a testament to our successful safety practices, our OSHA injury rates trend well below the national average. Whether it is our team’s safety or the safety of your students and staff, we approach our planning process with your well–being as our No. 1 priority to give you comfort and mitigate against any surprises.