Leading the Energy Transition for North American Manufacturers

Driving industrial decarbonization, Veregy deploys best-in-class, technology-agnostic energy solutions aimed at discovering opportunities to lower operating costs, reduce energy usage, better manage emissions, and create a safer, more productive work environment.

Who We Are



We develop long-term strategies and develop and implement holistic, portfolio-wide solutions to help meet your sustainability goals.


We have developed, designed, and implemented thousands of energy efficiency and clean generation projects across dozens of markets.


Our controls engineers bring deep knowledge of industrial systems to ensure state-of-the-art energy and emission management and ongoing optimization.


Whether hitting corporate hurdle rates or taking energy off the balance sheet, we understand and meet manufacturers’ financial requirements.

Premier Customers, Major Savings

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Projects Implemented

How We Help

Not every solution is a good fit for every plant, but having a partner that can deliver a holistic set of solutions to meet all of your energy needs across your entire portfolio is essential.

Veregy provides a wide range of manufacturing expertise, including optimization of major energy using systems, solar and battery storage installation, EV fleet management, microgrid integration, and ongoing monitoring and management of primary energy consumption and generation assets.

Our services are flexible and scalable to each site, while also meeting all of your energy needs.

Take Energy Off Your Balance Sheet

Industrial Energy Efficiency and AI Solutions

We understand the relationship between quality production output and the impact that energy has on your business. Our services enable industrial engineering and finance leaders to reduce operating costs and deploy capital efficiently and effectively. Through actionable recommendations that yield real results, our energy efficiency solutions improve per-unit costs, generate real maintenance savings, and help you meet your production goals – all while meeting sustainability targets.

It’s not one thing but rather the collection of capabilities that differentiates our approach. Veregy delivers a unique blend of industrial energy engineering and controls expertise and complete project support capabilities as evidenced by the hundreds of manufacturers and processors with which we’ve worked and the millions of dollars in energy savings achieved.

A Complete Solution

AI Machine Learning

EnVision is an analytics platform that allows you to collect, store, analyze, and report data, therefore optimizing energy efficiency performance and reducing operating costs. EnVision is located on a private VPN, ensuring your data stays safe and secure.

Energy Engineering and Design

Deep industrial energy engineering and design experience – we’ve been in hundreds of plants optimizing major energy-using systems just like yours.

Controls Programming and Integration

In-house controls programming and integration, including enabling energy management data visibility through your existing plant automation system.

Project and Construction Management

Turn-key implementation through complete project and construction management, incorporating bid management and utilizing your preferred contractors.

Utility Insight

Extensive utility insight to access front-end financial support and back-end incentives, including the M&V capabilities to prove savings and capture rebates.

Continuous Commissioning

Remote, data-driven energy analytics capabilities to enable continuous commissioning, ensuring savings persist and new improvement measures are identified.

Renewable Energy & Storage

Advances in manufacturing and installation make solar photovoltaic systems a cost-effective way to reduce utility bills and commit to sustainability. Veregy has the in-house expertise to engineer, design, install, monitor, and maintain these systems, including battery storage. Our approach maximizes lower monthly utility costs by reducing the electricity manufacturers must buy from their local electric company or cooperative. Solar installations can also help lock in lower utility rates and protect against rate hikes from traditional grid-supplied electricity.

Benefits of Solar

Solar and battery storage is often viewed as a poor fit by manufacturers but, when designed correctly and incorporated as part of a holistic energy management strategy, can deliver meaningful financial and sustainability benefits.

  • Offsets demand and peak rates
  • Insulates against energy price increases
  • Reduces long-term operating costs
  • Captures tax incentives
  • Furthers sustainability goals
  • Minimizes maintenance costs

Monitoring & Controls

As the leading provider of energy-focused industrial controls integration services, Veregy provides state-of-the-art control systems that meet your plant needs now, and expand to meet your needs in the future. Our solutions include design, engineering, panel design, and turn-key installations of industrial control systems with a focus on energy and water usage optimization.

Our Control engineers are adept at integrating various PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) platforms with industry-standard HMI (Human Machine Interface) to create stunning graphics. We have deep expertise in refrigeration, steam, compressed air, HVAC, lighting, and a multitude of industrial processes

  • Pioneers in Real-Time Energy Dashboard Development
  • Artificial Intelligence-driven System Optimization
  • Automated Demand Response Market Leaders
  • Complete Control Systems Integration
  • PLC, HMI, and SCADA Systems Expertise

Some areas of focus include:

Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley, Inductive Automation, GE Intelligent Platforms, Invensys (Wonderware), Schneider Electric (Modicon), and Siemens

EV Fleet Management

Veregy is a unique player in the electric vehicle (EV) market: we have long-tenured relationships and a holistic approach to enabling successful EV fleet adoption. Our extensive capabilities with distributed energy resources (DER) enable us to solve the challenges of infrastructure upgrades and increased electricity operating expenses through the use of renewables in a distributed, resilience-enabling format. In-house transportation expertise also allows Veregy to offer your company value-added services such as fleet transition planning.

Many manufacturers have not yet embraced the transition to electric vehicles, but the long-term value for the organization can be significant when factoring in reduced fuel and maintenance costs as well as greater reliability, safety, and employee satisfaction. The key is to recognize that EV fleet transition and management should be merely one part of a broader energy optimization strategy. Veregy helps make sure that this important component of that plan is not overlooked but rather becomes an essential, integrated element of your company’s sustainability and resiliency strategy.

Microgrids & Resiliency

Veregy is highly skilled in deploying microgrids, configuring and tailoring a microgrid to your exact site’s needs. Microgrids are on-site energy production and storage solutions that can enable industrial sites to become self-sufficient. Critical facilities can’t afford to go dark during natural disasters, storms, or blackouts; microgrids ensure your site will be resilient to and insulated from potential power failures. Microgrids can run on distributed generators, batteries, and/or renewable resources like solar panels.

Where ongoing production is essential even in the face of natural disasters or electric reliability challenges, manufacturers are turning to microgrids to ensure resiliency no matter the issues the electric grid is experiencing. And, beyond being just a backup for the grid, a microgrid can also reduce energy costs or connect with local resources otherwise too small or unreliable for traditional grid use. This lets facilities become more energy independent and environmentally friendly.

Veregy and Industrial Solutions Network Partnership

The collaboration is focused on integrating Veregy’s expertise in energy efficiency with the Industrial Solutions Network’s, part of Consolidated Electrical Distributors, CED, Inc. extensive manufacturing technology and operational knowledge, creating a synergy that promises to elevate industry standards.

The partnership will focus on implementing eco-friendly energy practices, optimizing resource use, reducing operational costs through advanced energy audits, implementing renewable energy sources, and introducing smart building technologies.



Industrial Solutions Network

Veregy and Rockwell Automation EPC Partnership

Veregy has become the latest Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firm to join the Rockwell Automation EPC Partner Program. This strategic partnership is set to offer businesses forward-thinking solutions aimed at enhancing facility operations and promoting sustainability. Leveraging Veregy’s expertise in delivering flexible, innovative execution strategies and Rockwell Automation’s comprehensive industry insights, this collaboration will equip companies with the tools they need to optimize energy efficiency and advance sustainability goals.

By pooling their resources and expertise, the partnership is poised to address the unique needs of companies looking to improve their operational efficiency and reduce their environmental footprint.

While we shine in individual service areas for manufacturers, a Veregy energy transition strategy is far greater than the sum of the parts when applied across an industrial plant portfolio. Let us show you how combining our technological innovation with decades of in-plant engineering experience can deliver meaningful triple-bottom-line benefits to your company.

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