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Overcome Facility Systems Overload And Address Your Daily Facility Challenges.

Day-to-day operations are complicated, involve a delicate balance, and require a high level of analysis to maintain budgets while keeping occupants happy. Facilities are confronted with many issues such as:

  • Aging Infrastructure & Deferred Maintenance
  • Aging Workforce & Staff Shortages
  • Rising Energy & Operational Costs
  • Reactive Maintenance & Increasing Repair Costs
  • Data & Systems Complexity
  • Future Environmental & Market Challenges

Join the Already 8,000+ Users in Discovering What Orchestrate Can Do For Your Facility!

Unify your complex, fragmented, and labor-intensive facility management systems into a collaborative, user-friendly platform with



Integrate disparate facility systems into a single, user-friendly platform to drive greater operational efficiencies and savings.​

Automation Composer

Implement vendor-neutral building automation systems that are easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to expand.​ Allow our team to also fine-tune existing building automation systems.

Facility Conductor

Leverage Veregy’s virtual engineering support to monitor your systems remotely, automate tedious tasks, and continuously reduce energy and operational expenditures.​

Energy Master

Monitor, analyze, and manage energy consumption. Gain timely insights into which systems are consuming excess energy, take action, and watch your energy bills decline.​




Currently, more than 8,000 users in more than 250 buildings use Orchestrate to remove workflow barriers from disparate and disconnected technologies. Bringing all your systems together, Orchestrate lets you set up and remotely manage a truly integrated Smart Building through a single pane of glass.


Simplify facility management with our state-of-the-art software integration platform, Orchestrate. Orchestrate is cloud-based, resilient, expandable, and customizable to align with your unique needs. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy to add, adjust, or remove automated workflows to help you achieve your operational outcomes.

Master Systems Integration

Engage with Veregy to evaluate your operational systems, efficiency, and goals to determine which systems should be tied together to help you operate at maximum efficiency. The Veregy team designs and implements workflows to streamline your operations. Examples of systems that may be integrated and included in automated workflows include:

  • Building Automation
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Lighting Systems
  • Access Controls
  • Automated Electrical Demand Management
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Real-Time Energy Dashboard
  • Utility Management Systems
  • Solar Systems and Monitoring
  • And more!

Leverage System Integrations to Create Building Harmony.

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Building Automation

Veregy engineers design and install vendor-neutral building automation systems with the end user in mind. We work with equipment and software from a variety of manufacturers to ensure that you can expand, manage, and service equipment without being trapped by proprietary controls.


Trust Veregy’s Energy Engineers to complete a thorough evaluation of your existing building automation systems. During this process, we identify and program strategies for operational and energy efficient improvements. This includes items such as, advanced scheduling, air and hydronic resets, chiller plant optimization, fault detection and diagnostics, and sequence optimization.

Visualize your HVAC and other systems through a user-friendly controls dashboard.

Visualize your HVAC and other systems through a user-friendly controls dashboard.

Dive deeper into the graphical user interface to monitor and manage equipment remotely.

Dive deeper into the graphical user interface to monitor and manage equipment remotely.


Monitoring-Based Commissioning

Veregy engineers monitor your facilities systems virtually and remotely respond to comfort complaints, HVAC alarms, work orders, and more. We continuously uncover and implement strategies to boost operational efficiency and energy savings.

Preventative Maintenance

Veregy assists clients in scheduling and managing preventative maintenance for HVAC and Building Automation Systems in order to keep equipment running and extend its useful life. We manage work orders and can deploy subcontractors to complete maintenance on-site.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is a data-driven approach to delivering proactive maintenance. Veregy accomplishes this by constantly monitoring and analyzing the performance of your mechanical systems to determine the appropriate time to complete maintenance for each specific piece of HVAC equipment. A Predictive Maintenance Queue is utilized to assign and manage predictive maintenance tasks and work orders, freeing up your in-house personnel to focus on mission-critical issues.


Analyze real data, such as usage, spending, and greenhouse gas emissions with EnergyTracer.

Utility Monitoring and Analytics

Simplify utility usage tracking and spending by using a single application to aggregate, organize, and analyze monthly billing data from multiple utility companies. EnergyTracer is designed for building managers and engineers to easily oversee multiple facilities with multiple utility accounts. Analyze real data, such as usage, spending, and greenhouse gas emissions, in order to measure, verify, and optimize your facilities.

Monitor, analyze, and visualize savings in real time with live energy dashboards in Gridcap.

Automated Electrical Demand Management

Engage Veregy engineers to monitor your building’s operation in real time and determine the most effective building automation strategies to reduce electrical demand. Our demand-saving algorithms are fine-tuned and customized to automatically shed load to control electric expenditures without affecting occupant comfort. Live energy dashboards are included to enable you to monitor, analyze, and visualize savings in real time.

Monitor performance and analyze energy data from your solar system with LightLevel.

Solar Asset Management

Monitor performance and analyze energy data from your solar system with LightLevel. From the LightLevel dashboard, you can gain insight into how much energy has been generated and expended across your solar-powered facilities.


Veregy unites nine regional engineering, energy, and sustainable building solutions firms into one company focused on better buildings, advanced systems, and great client relationships. We serve clients in three distinct U.S. regions: West, Central, and East.

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