Solar Asset Management

Monitor, Measure, And Verify Your Solar Production Anywhere In The World.

 Attain Success In Your Solar Projects With Modern Solar Asset Management Software.

Simplify your solar energy projects by coupling LightLevel with our custom, state-of-the-art solar control hardware.

    Stay Connected To Your Solar Activity In Real Time. 

    With a user-friendly, simple, and modern interface, LightLevel provides you with:

    • Real-time energy production
    • Public-facing web-based kiosk
    • A map of an entire portfolio with system size information
    • Equipment status and monitoring
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    • Real-time weather and irradiance data
    • Weather-corrected performance data
    • Measurement and Verification to track actual expected output
    • Seamless integration with Veregy solar hardware, providing 4G and LTE connectivity
    • Cloud-based library for storage of spec sheets and other documentation
    • Custom alarms and notifications to reduce downtime and ensure production guarantees are met

    Monitor your solar system from anywhere, at any time.

    Monitor your solar system from anywhere, at any time.

    Easily Manage And Monitor Solar Production.

    Access your current, monthly, all-time solar production data on the LightLevel user interface with a variety of easy-to-read charts and figures.

    Analyze short-term and long-term solar system performance by building.

    Analyze short-term and long-term solar system performance by building.

    Visualize solar system output by building at any given time.

    Visualize solar system output by building at any given time.

    Enable Built-In Alerts For Improved Operations & Maintenance 

    Ensuring proper ongoing operations is essential to the financial success of your solar PV project.

    Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) require a pre-determined amount of electrical generation to maintain cashflows, ROIs and other financial obligations and are adversely susceptible to unanticipated production output fluctuations. The LightLevel application has built-in features to alert your staff the instant a fault or issue is detected in Photovoltaic (PV) systems. This allows for engineers and project managers to quickly troubleshoot and resolve potential issues to mitigate financial impact.

    Streamline Your User Interface & Functionality

    Measure, verify, and analyze the performance of your solar assets with LightLevel.

    Veregy’s experienced solar engineers developed LightLevel with your needs in mind. 

    As a modern and lean solar monitoring application, LightLevel gives you exactly the features your staff needs to do their jobs and properly maintain solar PV installations in an easy-to-use interface that is not bogged down by unnecessary features. Veregy has provided the tools necessary to make solar monitoring and measurement & verification (M&V) easy, while setting you up for financial success.

    LightLevel currently supports the following alarms for all meters and can customize notifications to be sent to your active users:

    • Lost Communication – a meter failed to respond to 3 pings (warning)
    • No Production – a meter has not generated energy for 24 hours (critical)
    • Amperage imbalance – a line amperage is off more than 20% from the average amperage (urgent)
    • Voltage imbalance – a line voltage is off more than 20% from the average voltage (urgent)


    Additionally, the LightLevel alarm log (see below) provides you with enhanced accountability and assures your alarms are addressed in a timely fashion.


    “Another selling point in the installation of the solar array is that the learners will be able to view how the array is working and how much electricity it will be producing at any given time. We really can’t wait to see the future savings through the next phases of the construction.”

    Kevin Gerken, Director of Operations, Northwest State Community College