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EV Vehicle & EV Bus Solutions

Veregy is a unique player in the electric vehicle (EV) market: we have long-tenured relationships and a holistic approach to enabling successful EV fleet adoption by schools and local government. Our extensive capabilities with distributed energy resources (DER) enable us to solve the challenges of infrastructure upgrades and increased electricity operating expenses through the use of renewables in a distributed, resilience-enabling format. In-house transportation expertise also allows Veregy to offer your company value-added services such as fleet transition planning.

Many manufacturers have not yet embraced the transition to electric vehicles, but the long-term value for the organization can be significant when factoring in reduced fuel and maintenance costs as well as greater reliability, safety, and employee satisfaction. The key is to recognize that EV fleet transition and management should be merely one part of a broader energy optimization strategy. Veregy helps make sure that this important component of that plan is not overlooked but rather becomes an essential, integrated element of your company’s sustainability and resiliency strategy.

Benefits of EV

  • Helps clients meet imposed mandates or reach sustainability and decarbonization goals.
  • Lowers fuel expenses, maintenance and operating cost, and total cost of ownership.
  • Significantly reduces roadside emissions for pedestrians and school children.
  • Federal and state grant monies or rebates are available to offset the higher cost of EVs and infrastructure.
  • Charge Management Software control chargers to operate when rates are low or turn them off when demand reduction is needed.

Cost Benefits of EV

  • Zero tailpipe emissions.
  • Significant reduction of unhealthy particulate matter and Green House Gas emissions.
  • Cost to charge a ZEV is 60% cheaper than ICE counterpart.
  • Average cost per mile to maintain a ZEV is 40% less expensive than ICE counterpart.
  • Fewer moving parts and less fluids to change
  • Do not require a mid-life overhaul.
  • Extended brake life.

Veregy EV Solution

  • Turnkey EV design build services.
  • EV charger solutions and designs
  • Electrical infrastructure assessments and upgrades
  • General contracting and construction management
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Software platform integration
  • EV charging as a service


Additional Services

  • Fleet transition and infrastructure planning.
  • Grant writing.
  • Distributed energy resource solutions that compliment EV and infrastructure:
  • Solar
  • Battery storage
  • Microgrids

Billions of Dollars Are Available Now. Veregy Will Help You Navigate the Complexities.

Listen to Scott Wisner, Director of Vehicle Electrification Solutions, discuss the Infrastructure Invest and Jobs Act (IIJA) and what it means to your district or municipality. The Clean School Bus Program is open now. Today is the time to start planning!


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