Efficient, Safe, and Secure Movement Made Sustainable and Affordable

Whether it’s moving to a new town, taking a vacation, or commuting to work, Americans are on the go — on ground or in the air. So, developing and maintaining best-in-class transportation facilities are key to keeping people moving.

Veregy understands the importance of maintaining traffic flow during construction. As a leader in sustainability, we ensure designs are energy efficient and environmentally friendly in an industry making strides in sustainability and stewardship.

Veregy Airport Solutions

  • Terminal Renovations
  • Back Up Power for HVAC
  • HVAC Upgrades
  • Net Metering Solar Arrays
  • Battery Storage
  • EV Charging Stations
  • Demand Cost Savings

We leave no stone unturned to create logistical efficiency and structural integrity in transportation systems. One error from transportation headquarters can result in downtime and loss. Our team specializes in creating safe and systematically sound facilities that properly house the necessary technologies to organize these logistical networks — ensuring everything stays in motion.

EV Fleet Management

Veregy is a unique player in the electric vehicle (EV) market: we have long-tenured relationships and a holistic approach to enabling successful EV fleet adoption. Our extensive capabilities with distributed energy resources (DER) enable us to solve the challenges of infrastructure upgrades and increased electricity operating expenses through the use of renewables in a distributed, resilience-enabling format. In-house transportation expertise also allows Veregy to offer your company value-added services such as fleet transition planning.

Many manufacturers have not yet embraced the transition to electric vehicles, but the long-term value for the organization can be significant when factoring in reduced fuel and maintenance costs as well as greater reliability, safety, and employee satisfaction. The key is to recognize that EV fleet transition and management should be merely one part of a broader energy optimization strategy. Veregy helps make sure that this important component of that plan is not overlooked but rather becomes an essential, integrated element of your company’s sustainability and resiliency strategy.

Case Studies

Indianapolis International Airport Case Study Preview

Indianapolis International Airport

Tucson International Airport Case Study Preview

Tucson International Airport

The City of North Vernon Case Study Preview

North Vernon Municipal Airport

Valley Metro Energy Project

Valley Metro Energy Project

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