Calhoun County Youth Center Groundbreaking & Energy Project

August 17, 2023

Calhoun County Youth Center Ground Breaking

Calhoun County Youth Center Renovation To Double Facility Size

For decades, the aged Youth Center, built in 1957, has been in critical need of renovations. After two previous failed attempts to address needs, Calhoun County, Michigan, reflected on its previous successes in energy service performance contracting and chose to partner with Veregy. Veregy brought together the concept of a design-build renovation, guaranteed savings, federal funding opportunities (IRA), and other creative finance methods to make this project a reality.

Project Overview:

Youth Center Renovation

  • Complete modernization and renovation of approximately 72% of the juvenile detention facility
  • New pod design to double the size from 15,117 sq ft to 29,941 sq ft
  • Increase capacity from 42 to 52 beds for greater community impact
  • Create dedicated spaces for resident activities (medical office, visitation area, courtroom, etc.) as well as a dedicated employee break space

Solar Installations

  • Install 70 kW ground-mounted solar PV system at the Youth Center
  • Install 517 kW roof-mounted solar PV system at the Justice Complex
  • Install 195 kW roof-mounted solar PV system at the Toeller Building

LED Lighting Upgrades

  • Retrofit existing fluorescent lighting with new LED lighting in the Youth Center, Justice Complex, Toeller Building, Administration Building, Road Department, and Albion Building


  • Guaranteed $142,350 in annual energy and operations savings for 5 years
  • Leverage Inflation Reduction Act funds to offset the project cost
  • Optimize the safety, functionality, and capacity of Youth Center spaces

“These renovations will make it easier for us to do our jobs, by creating an environment where kids can feel calm, ensuring their safety and staff’s safety with security and communications improvements, and simply providing purposeful space for the various aspects of life here at the Youth Center.”

– Tori Benden, Youth Center Director,
Calhoun County, Michigan

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