City of Eloy Water / Wastewater Project Announcement

May 22, 2023

City of Eloy Wastewater Project Photo

City of Eloy Water / Wastewater Project

By Madeline Urquhart

The City of Eloy has partnered with Veregy for a comprehensive Water / Wastewater Project. Eloy’s current Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is 22 years old with failing water equipment (20-50 years old). Veregy will upgrade to newer, more efficient equipment. Overall project Energy Conservation Measures for this project include WWTP upgrades, Solar PV, and well upgrades.

The project will cost $4.2M with $1.9M in funding through grants. Veregy was able to help secure funding for the project with 50% grants for renewables through the Inflation Reduction Act. Financing will be through deferred maintenance, capital cost avoidance (CIP Budget), and energy savings ($5.9 M savings over 30 years).

    If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Madeline Urquhart at 

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