Testimonials: CTS Group

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CTS successfully addressed more than $3.5 million of our bond renovation projects approved by voters in 2014, including renovation, new construction, energy efficiency, safety and security, and insurance repair. CTS makes a commitment to the district and takes pride in producing a product that students, teachers, and community can be proud. They have been loyal to us as a customer and have honored their service commitment after project completion – a rare trait in today’s vendor market.

Richard L. Asbill

Superintendent, Cassville [Mo.] R-IV School District

We have found the entire CTS Group to be highly reputable, trustworthy and ethical. They do what they say they will do and continue to stand as a partner with the county. Our projects were complete on time and on budget, just as promised. CTS has put our needs first and continues to exceed expectations. For all of these reasons, I highly recommend CTS Group for any facility or system improvement projects.
Darieus K. Adams

Western District Commissioner, Jasper County [Mo.] Commission

CTS conducted a thorough infrastructure assessment of our facilities and developed a comprehensive plan to address areas where the city could reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and comfort, and address deferred maintenance needs. Through CTS, we used a state statute to help fund improvements with energy and operational savings through a guaranteed energy savings project. CTS also successfully applied for and received $157,819 in grant and incentive money on the city’s behalf to help pay for the improvements. Our facilities have been greatly improved, and the resulting energy savings are even higher than expected at more than $73,000 in the first 12 months. CTS went above and beyond to have the projects completed to our satisfaction and expectations, and I would highly recommend CTS to anyone contemplating a facility improvement project or energy-saving modifications.
Amy C. Hamilton

City Manager, Richmond Heights, Mo.

We have one of the most beautiful courthouse facilities in the State of Missouri, but if had one major problem – a huge, ugly utility bill each month. The highest amount I can remember was more than $44,000. We had never heard of a performance contract, but it made a lot of common sense to us and CTS has done a wonderful job in every aspect of the project. The performance contract guarantees the system will pay for itself with the savings in our utility bill and has met the savings guarantee every month. CTS service and cooperation is second to none, and I would highly recommend them to anyone having out-of-control building problems related to the heating and cooling system.
Danny Rhoades

Presiding commissioner, Laclede County [Mo.] Commission

One of the biggest reasons we have used CTS over the years is the customer relationship they are able to establish. All of their employees care about the success of their projects, the benefits they will provide to the district and the impact it will have on our students. They are always friendly and able to answer any questions that come up or listen to our concerns. This relationship means everything as a superintendent of schools. No matter what project you need done, they work hard at finding great solutions on a budget you can afford.
Mark Stanton

Superintendent, McDonald County [Mo] R-1 School District

Your firm kept us informed daily about the schedule or anything we might need to know to keep our recreation center operating during construction and keep our patrons safe and comfortable. Through systems implementation, we called frequently on your team to ask questions and make adjustments when needed. CTS always responded promptly and professionally until the city felt comfortable with the systems. We also appreciated assistance applying for energy rebates that could be secured with local utilities following the project.
Linda A. Bruer

Director, Ballwin, Mo., Department of Parks & Recreation

The CTS team answered our questions, conducted on-site evaluations, and simply took the time to explain their proposal and how it could help us. They did not rush us, which I appreciated. CTS reassured me it would manage the project from beginning to end. They were right. My project manager, Tom, was here before, during, and after work was completed. He kept me informed with weekly updates and took care of the day-to-day work of managing four different contractors. I could not have asked for any better service from the contractors or CTS. They can provide a complete plan and cost savings proposal to allow your school to complete a large scale project and pay for it with reasonable annual payments, all the while saving on your energy bills.
Jeff Fastnacht

Superintendent, Ellendale [N.D.] Public School

From start to finish, and even after project completion, CTS Group’s attentive and knowledgeable staff worked diligently to ensure we were completely satisfied with the final product. To say that we are satisfied would be a vast understatement. CTS Group greatly exceeded our expectations. We now have a courthouse that is structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing, and energy efficient. I would highly recommend CTS Group to anyone looking to complete a renovation or improvement project.
Evan Glasgow

Presiding Commissioner, Knox County [Mo.] Commission

I am probably overly cautious when dealing with vendors I haven’t done business with before, and that wasn’t different when I entered into our first agreement with CTS Group. After completing two summers’ worth of projects, I can confidently share that they will do exactly what they tell you and they will work to serve the district. Construction projects can be difficult, time-consuming, and stressful. CTS Group does a great job coordinating, communicating, and improving the efficiency of projects. Without hesitation, I would recommend CTS Group for any GESC project that your district may have in the future.
Mike Henry

Assistant superintendent, Marshfield [Mo.] R-1 School District

CTS met the district’s expectations. And from a customer service standpoint, it exceeded them. It was able to complete our projects in a timely manner and within budget. From the owner to project manager to the office workers, every person we came in contact with was professional, personable, and made you feel like you had known them forever. I would not hesitate to recommend CTS for any project your district might need.
Darren Rapert

Superintendent, Northeast Randolph County [Mo.] R-IV School District