Veregy Celebrates K-12 Geothermal Project in Michigan in Partnership with Ida Public Schools

January 25, 2024

Veregy is proud to announce a new K-12 geothermal project in Michigan through a groundbreaking partnership with Ida Public Schools. The project represents a significant investment in sustainable and innovative solutions for a district that has been unable to improve its facilities in recent years.

With limited funds available to replace aged, failing HVAC equipment, Ida proposed a sinking fund, set at 2.65 mills over an approximate 8-year period, to their taxpayers/voters in November 2023.

The immediate passage of the sinking fund was critical as Ida’s 49-year-old boilers and inefficient air handling equipment were beyond their life expectancy and could fail at any time. Waiting for the equipment to fail on its own would force emergency school closings and displacement of students during the cold winter months. Right now, Ida is uniquely positioned to use Inflation Reduction Act tax credits to replace these costly systems at a 40% discount. If the levy failed, Ida would need to replace the systems when they fail in the next few years at full price, placing an even greater financial burden on the district.

Fortunately, the sinking fund secured an impressive 58% approval rate in the election, which was a historic moment for the district, marking its first millage passed since 1965.

Veregy drilled test bores to determine thermal conductivity, soil composition, and other factors necessary to design the most efficient and cost-effective geothermal system.

“Our project at Ida Public Schools is an important one for the continued success of the district. Long known for their solid academic performance and family-oriented focus, Ida Public Schools needed to overcome years of underfunding for their facilities to remain a viable educational option for the parents and students of the community. This project will not only give them a reliable heating option for their middle school and high school buildings but will also provide a cost-effective means of adding air conditioning.  During our development phase, we monitored several classrooms…it was common for classrooms to reach intolerable heat and humidity levels while trying to teach and learn in the late spring and early fall months.  This project will enhance their learning environment for years to come.”

– Jeff Studebaker, Veregy Account Executive

Additional Details:

Veregy Project Scope:

  • Replace existing HVAC system with new geothermal system at the high school and middle school including:
      • Vertical bore geothermal field sized to offset the heating/cooling load for both buildings (one-hundred-eight (108) 300’ bores at the high school and sixty-four (64) 300’ bores at the middle school)
      • Water source heat pump system throughout both buildings
      • Energy recovery ventilators to provide outdoor airflow throughout both buildings
      • 199 KBTU condensing boilers at both buildings
      • Variable frequency drive-controlled loop pumps at both buildings
      • Add air conditioning at both buildings to create more comfortable learning environments
  • Weatherize high school and middle school building envelopes including:
      • Replacement of door sweeps
      • Replacement of weather stripping around door openings
      • Sealant around the deteriorated building penetrations
      • Sealant of roof/wall intersection where insulation is missing or inadequate
  • Install backup generators to power critical HVAC equipment at the high school and middle school
  • Install new supervisory control system and integrate new HVAC equipment into control system at the high school and middle school

Other Non-Veregy Improvements Included in the Sinking Fund

  • Implement safety improvements
  • Repair deteriorating school building foundations
  • Build a new road to Ida Elementary to expedite drop off/pick up and improve safety. The new road is to be named in memory of a former Ida student who passed tragically in 2017.

To learn more about Ida Public Schools. visit their website at


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