Sustainability Project with Tolleson Union High School Wins SRP’s Peak Reduction Award

December 9, 2020

Peak Reduction Award: The award recognizes the SRP Business Solutions Program participant and project that delivered the highest peak-demand savings of all projects submitted.

Tolleson Union High School District #214 The Governing Board of the Tolleson Union High School District continually partners with SRP and Midstate Energy to make projects more affordable, evaluate emerging technologies, and reduce its carbon footprint. The district converted buses from diesel to propane, upgraded to LED lighting, and improved HVAC systems, along with several other increased efficiencies. It implemented a long-term strategy to reduce energy consumption by strategically investing in capital upgrades and the expenses will be offset by rebates, reduced maintenance, and reduced energy costs. In the future, the district plans to implement solar and convert its bus fleet to electric. Tolleson Union High School District saved more than 4.6 million kilowatt-hours and reduced its peak demand by 1,267 kilowatts, which is enough to power 358 homes. School leaders say students are witnessing the district’s commitment to energy efficiency and learning lasting and invaluable life lessons to conserve and be green.

Tolleson Union High School Partners with Midstate Energy

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