Testimonials – East Region

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Dynamix has been very responsive and professional and worked closely with our staff to ensure successful project outcomes. It is apparent the Dynamix staff takes pride in the services it provides, and we look forward to working with Dynamix Engineering on current and future projects.

Timothy W. Smith

Director of Facilities, Central Ohio Transit Authority

Dynamix Engineering was, and is, the most thorough, attentive, and graceful engineer I have worked with, not to mention fun. The Dynamic team took everything to a new level by not only teaching, but by asking, incorporating, and caring about Adams’ experience and ideas, many of which were incorporated into the project. Ultimately, this led to an award-winning project and great team! If asked, “Would Adams work with Dynamix Engineering again?” I would respond, “Yes!” with the enthusiasm of a nest friend coming to town!

Ted Wood

Senior Chief Estimator, Adams Electric Co.

One of the ways engineering services are measured are by the comments made by facilities personnel, contractors and vendors – I have been given positive feedback from my team on Dynamix’s technical design process, consistent communication, inclusion of the hospital facilities personnel during design and “VE” processes, providing information to contractors during pre-bid budgeting and interaction with the hospital users, as well as input during contractor selections. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to mention my appreciation for your consistent personal, face to face participation at each phase of the project. You and your team of engineers are always available, representing the design team as well as providing solutions during construction that foster the schedule as well as the budget. This starts with solid leadership and represents the Dynamix culture I have experienced on this project.
Patti Meszaros

Director of Facility Planning/Construction, Premier Health Miami Valley Hospital South

In my experience, it is rare to find a firm that develops relationships with the owner, architect, and vendors as diligently as Dynamix does. The take ownership of design decisions, educate all team members on innovative solutions, listen to and respect all voices, and incorporate the current needs of the project while considering future expansions or renovations. All this while shepherding the project vision and budget. It was evident from my first meeting with them that each engineer has a personal commitment to this project as if it was their very own hospital. They did not think twice when asked to put in the extra effort it took to put together and participate in an innovative equipment buyout program that took many hours of engineering away from construction documents, which in the end saved our owner more than 11% in equipment costs.

Steve Russell

Senior MEP Manager, Brasfield & Gorrie

I have experienced countless projects (large and small) where Dynamix served as the lead engineering firm. And every time, I have been impressed with the construction manager, architects and others who seem delighted to tell me, “We really appreciate the Dynamix team… They are easy to reach, are constantly on the jobsite, and respond quickly when we have questions or require in-the-field modifications.” I like engineers who are passionate about their work and find solutions that make construction teams happy, and that’s what Dynamix does. They bring expertise to the table, form solid relationships, and get the job done well.

Michael D. Greely

Vice President of Operations, Lexington Medical Center

The relationship has been phenomenal and the interaction and follow-up between your staff and facilities, has been nothing less than superb. Having Dynamix function as a participating partner, created an environment of trust and team building that provided for a harmonious atmosphere. While the benefits to RMH were obvious, I want to thank you for both the commitment to quality and the financial commitment you made. I know the project may not have been as financially rewarding, as planned, but you maintained the promise you made to guarantee the quality, schedule, and cost, no matter the challenge.
Richard G. Colwell

Director of Project Management, Ohio Health Project Design and Construction