Testimonials – East Region

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Your design and project execution for our town hall, municipal building, public works building, golf course, and recreation center was truly outstanding. Every phase of the project, from the energy audit to the engineering, communications, logistics, and project coordination was competed efficiently and smoother than any project I have experienced in my 30-plus years in facilities management. I was truly impressed with the tea you assembled, as they have demonstrated exceptional professionalism and work ethic.

Tom Byrne

Director of Facilities, City of Groveport, Ohio

Our building, being a medical facility, presented numerous challenges regarding the installation and upgrade process. We required all work to be completed on nights and weekends, and everything had to be cleaned and returned to working conditions by the next morning. During nine months of installation, not one time did we have any interruption from the construction and implementation of the new system. Your staff and subcontractors were fantastic to work with and die what was needed to make sure every aspect of the job was right. I also truly appreciate DES’ ability to deliver a quality product on budget and on time. I have worked with hundreds of contractors in my time as a property manager who have told me how they will be on time and on budget, but rarely does it occur. Your timeline did not change, and neither did the dollar amount from day one. The ability to deliver on your promise is what makes DES a great company that I will gladly continue to work with for future projects and refer to others as well.

Matt Doutt

Partner/Property Manager, Alliance Realty Group

You performed a detailed energy audit and equipment assessment, along with an in-depth energy-usage analysis. As a result, our projected annual energy savings were 48% ($331,42). But as of the end of the year, we have saved $228,292, or 69% of our year one goal in just six months. I’m also very impressed with the FMx facilities management software you implemented for our district. It has improved our ability to monitor district maintenance issues, while at the same time improving communication between our administrators teachers, and maintenance personnel. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

Roni Hayes

Superintendent, Fairland School District

I wanted to thank Dynamix Energy Services for the installation of a new HVAC controls and automation project. The installation was completed seamlessly with no interruptions to the school day. Quite honestly, the biggest compliment would be that no one was aware of the installation. Since the installation, we have exceeded our one-year savings projection in only four months. And the communication, training, customer service, and installation were second to none.

Nicholas, T. Langhals

Principal, Jennings Local School District

It was extremely easy to work with your team and contractors throughout this project. They worked night shift and weekends to ensure completion of target dates. Extreme care was taken by your team to maintain our facilities’ cleanliness during every phase. It was inconspicuous that work was taking place, as everything was operable the next day regardless of how late the team worked the night before. The team’s professionalism, planning, flexibility, and proactive communication enhanced a productive partnership. I was completely confident Teays Valley’s project was being handled with the utmost efficiency at all times due to the team’s responsiveness to any issues or questions I had. It was a pleasure working with the Dynamix team, and I look forward to a long-lasting partnership.

Brett Purdue

Maintenance Department Supervisor, Teays Valley Local School District

Dynamix delivered its service in a timely manner and met all deadlines established at the beginning of the project. While timelines are the focus generally on during these projects, it has been the customer service that sets Dynamix apart from its competitors. No matter the issues, day, or time, the Dynamix team has provided support to correct any HVAC problems that have arose. This type of customer services is a common practice for Dynamix, but is a rare find in today’s professional trades. Dynamix has truly become a partner not only with my community, but also our school. It makes our everyday issues part of its world and provides solutions to support our students, teachers, and administration. With great pride and without hesitation, I strongly endorse Dynamix.

John Hurd

Superintendent, Trimble Local School District

Zane Trace Local Schools has experienced many challenges with our heating and cooling system. Our campus was originally built in 1916 and has undergone several renovation projects dating to 2006. Dynamix completed and evaluation and prescribed options that would overhaul our entire systems that the district could perform with our current funding levels. It even helped the district seek available funding sourced for the project. Dynamix did a fantastic job of integrating an extremely difficult situation from mechanical issues to controls. Our district was fortunate to have a company provide energy savings and develop a more efficient approach to our heating and cooling on a 100-year facility. I am elated to recommend Dynamix’s services.

Jerry Mowery

Superintendent, Zane Trace Local School District

In the Dynamix proposal, the expected annual savings projection was $75,901. We are excited to report that in the firsts five months following completion of the project, we have a total savings of $74,836. The team at Dynamix was very helpful and easy to work with throughout the process. We have been thrilled with our decision to work with Dynamix and look forward to partnering with them on future projects.
Marc Kreischer

Superintendent, Bloom-Vernon Local School District

The amount of work completed in our two buildings and the time and manner in which it was completed was phenomenal. Even better is the energy savings the district is beginning to realize. I now have two months of billing with the new Building Automation System and out natural gas and electric bills are the lowest ever experienced in my tenure at DACC. In the past, I have had contractors and engineers promise the moon and not deliver. It is satisfying to know DES and your installation team stand behind your projects and deliver 110%.

Jack Higgins

Director of Operations, Delaware Area Career Center

We are impressed with how you and your team have provided courteous and timely services. We are encouraged with the technology and tools you company have developed. In all sectors of society, customer service and technology have importance. Your company has helped us address us system issues holistically with the use of technology and provision of excellent service. Your company has demonstrated exceptional professionalism.

Carri Brown

County Administrator, Fairfield County, Ohio

Dynamix Energy Services provides a level of services rarely seen this day and age. I have been able to contact Dynamix at any point day or night, and their response is always immediate. I cannot begin to express the comfort in knowing that in the middle of a school play on a Saturday night, Dynamix was there to guarantee the comfort level in our auditorium. The heating and air has not worked correctly in our auditorium since the school was built, but Dynamix was able to correct the issues during this project.

Chad Belville

Superintendent, Fairfield Union Local School District

Dynamix served as a great partner because they listened and worked through our project step by step to ensure that everyone understood and learned how to use a new system to maximize our communities’ investment of more than $10 million. This ability to work together and plan, design, and coordinate quality contractors to support the work needed has helped us save more than $400,000 in energy savings in less than a year. And, it created a climate of comfort and educational support.

Bruce A. Hoover

Superintendent, Groveport Madison Local Schools

I wanted to thank you, your engineering staff at Dynamix Energy Services, and your team of contractors for the outstanding design and execution of the Energy Project at five Ross County facilities. The engineering, planning, communication, logistics, and coordination throughout this very complex project were by far the best I have experienced in my more than 20 years working in the public sector. Commissioner Doug Corcoran’s comments say it all: “Compliments to all involved in this project this big and am amazed at how smooth it appears to have been implemented with so many variables involved. Dynamix was obviously the right choice for this multimillion-dollar project!

Bradford M. Cosenza

Administrator, Ross County, Ohio

I would like to thank you and your team of engineers and contractors that worked on our HVAC project. From the installation of 14 miles of gas line to the chiller that was set and running in just a few days, all have worked seamlessly. The attention to detail and monitoring of the system before, during, and after the fact has been amazing. Your team continues to come up with cost-saving measures and ideas even as the project comes to a close. The project started to save money the first month and has continued to increase in savings each month.

Ervin Baldwin

Facilities Supervisor, Tolles Career & Technical Center

I want to thank Dynamix Energy Services for the HVAC fine-tuning services performed over the past year. Your professional service, with the participation of our facilities department, have resolved all the HVAC system operating issues that plagued us since the building was first commissioned by a third-party agent. Your services also reduced our annual energy consumption by 48%, allowing our facility to receive national recognition for energy efficiency with an Energy Star score of 89. The unexpected bonus from your HVAC fine-tuning services was the $47,000 check from AEP Electric Co. for energy and operating improvements.

Mark W. Knapp

Superintendent, Wheelersburg Local Schools