Veregy Partners with Valley Metro in Multi-Benefit Sustainability Project

July 14, 2020

Veregy Partners with Valley Metro in Solar and Shade Project.

Solar and Shade Project a Huge Success

Veregy has built its business creating more efficient and sustainable buildings and we were proud to partner with Valley Metro on their solar shade project. The project began, initially, as little more than large steel canopies but quickly became much larger and forward-thinking. Owing to our longstanding partnership Valley Metro asked us for options around the additional costs of adding solar. We understood from the start that as a public entity Valley Metro would need something that was not only cost-effective but reliable and long-lasting.

Relying on our deep understanding of solar projects we presented Valley Metro with a plan that took their shade project to the next level. By utilizing their existing budget for the project and energy we were able to design a solution that did not require a single penny of additional capital dollars. This project exemplifies site development at its best. Valley Metro went from 76,000 sq ft of barren concrete to 3,528 solar panels, generating 1.24 megawatts of power, and shade for 140 buses. This project has moved the needle forward on Valley Metro’s sustainability plan and will have benefits for Valley Metro and Mesa for decades to come.


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