Washington County, Ohio Partners With Veregy On “Project Of The Century”

To reduce operating costs and enhance the working environment, Washington County partnered with Veregy to implement an Energy & Facility Improvement Project in the historic Courthouse, County Home, and Children’s Services Building. The nearly $14.2M project includes HVAC, building automation, LED lighting, water conservation, and building envelope, among other upgrades at all three buildings. Additionally, Veregy is completing a fit-out of the Courthouse Annex space which will be used as the County Prosecutor’s Office and create an additional source of revenue for the County. An estimated $7M is being pumped back into the local economy due to the project’s 98% local subcontractor participation. 

“This is really our project of the century. These, as I said, are upgrades that have been overlooked for decades, and, now, with Veregy’s help…we’re not just catching up, but we’re setting a new standard here in Washington County and for the neighboring counties.”

– Kevin Ritter, President, Washington

County Board of Commissioners

Benefits for Washington County:

  • Guaranteed energy savings of $251,500 over 5 years
  • Stimulation of local economy through 98% local subcontractor participation
  • Increased comfort within facilities for staff and community members
  • Generation of revenue through new shelled office space in the Courthouse Annex
  • Enhanced indoor air quality and building health
  • Increased reliability of mechanical and controls systems
  • Engagement and buy-in from key county stakeholders
  • Greater control and visibility, into building systems and energy consumption 

Scope of Work:

  • Install non-proprietary building automation system (BAS)
  • Replace various pieces of HVAC equipment at all three buildings including AHUs, water source heat pumps, cooling tower, boilers, variable frequency drives, etc.
  • Needlepoint bipolar ionization to improve indoor air quality
  • Retrofit existing fluorescent lighting and screw-ins with LED
  • Replace restroom water fixtures with more efficient systems
  • Weatherstrip various interior/exterior doors and windows
  • Replace end-of-life roof on County Home
  • Fit-out 4400 SF Courthouse Annex for use as Prosecutor’s Office
  • Integration of new BAS with FMX CMMS
  • User-friendly graphical interface for controls
  • EnergyTracer utility monitoring and analytics software
  • Gridcap automated electrical demand management software
  • Facility Conductor for remote monitoring and technical services

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Brian Gifford at bgifford@veregy.com.