Adair County Preservation 2024 Project of the Year Award

May 20, 2024

Adair Award

In collaboration with Veregy, Adair County has been honored with the Missouri Preservation 2024 Project of the Year Award in the Institutional/Civic Building Restoration category. This prestigious award was presented to the Adair County Commission at a ceremony held at the historic 1917 Missouri State Capital in Jefferson City.

The project focused on restoring the historic Adair County Courthouse, originally constructed in 1898. This effort was not just about preserving a building but was a testament to the community’s dedication to maintaining historical heritage while ensuring that the building meets modern standards of functionality and energy efficiency.

Veregy played a crucial role in achieving this balance. The renovation was carefully executed to respect the courthouse’s original architectural essence while integrating modern technologies that enhance energy efficiency and meet current building codes. From the installation of a geothermal HVAC system to the sensitive restoration of the courthouse’s original woodwork, every element was designed to honor the past while preparing for the future.

Presiding Commissioner Mark Shahan expressed his gratitude, noting that the project “has brought new life to our 126-year-old courthouse while respecting the structure’s historic significance. Thanks to these efforts, our beloved courthouse will continue to serve the community’s needs today and for future generations.”

This award results from the hard work and innovative spirit that Veregy brings to our projects.  Congratulations to our incredible team’s hard work and dedication. Ellie Blankenship, Rory Stegeman, Tim Shikles, Ryan Becker, Jason Becker, Al Willis, and the rest of our team played integral roles in a project that has received recognition.

Adair County Award

Left to right: Commissioner Bill King, Rory Stegeman-Veregy, Presiding Commissioner Mark Shahan, Tim Shikles-Veregy, Ellie Blankenship-Veregy, Ryan Becker-Veregy, Jason Becker-Veregy, Al Willis-Veregy

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