Federal Grants and Incentives

Federal Grants and Tax Credits for Decarbonization and Aging Infrastructure

Veregy’s Solutions for IIJA and IRA

On August 16, 2022, President Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) an abbreviated version of the Build Back Better Bill and extension to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Both Acts will provide funds dedicated to increasing installation of renewable energy and improving the essential facilities and infrastructure systems that keep our cities, airports, and schools running efficiently. Veregy’s team of experienced energy engineers have the knowledge and the expertise to help you take advantage of the IRA and IIJA incentives where it matters most -back into our communities.

IIJA & IRA were signed into law to help modernize our infrastructure, to help America reduce our carbon footprint, and increase our renewable energy sources. Veregy is a leader in implementation of energy efficient strategies and solutions, and we’re passionate about helping our clients meet their sustainability goals.

With locations across the nation, Veregy is ready and able to put federal grants to work for you.

Inflation Reduction Act

Traditionally, school district and local government budgets are continually stretched as energy prices rise. This leaves little to no budget to invest in decarbonization, an initiative many communities are planning for. The IRA provides financial incentives through tax credits for an array of renewable technologies to enable school districts, higher education, and local government to accelerate their decarbonization and Net-Zero initiatives. Perhaps one of the most significant changes is the option for Direct Pay to non-profits and tax-exempt entities, allowing them to finally take advantage of renewable tax credits. Veregy is not a financial advisor and we recommend you consult your financial advisor and tax consultant regarding these programs. 


Using state-of-the-art panels with long life-cycles solar installations can be placed on rooftops, carports, or any open areas around a facility. Once installed solar typically has low maintenance costs and the power generated can be used, put into the grid, or stored for later use.


Our battery storage solutions provide a modern approach to demand response for facilities. Facilities are given the ability to shift load during peak periods and the ability to implement emergency response protocols. Outside of emergency response, the best value of our battery solutions is attained through charging when electricity is cheap and dissipating when electricity is expensive.


Microgrids can reduce energy cost or connect with local resources otherwise too small or unreliable for traditional grid use. This lets communities and facilities become more energy independent and environmentally friendly. The historic tax rebates and grant opportunities under IRA and IIJA present the ideal time to plan for connectivity as you invest in renewables.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Local Government

Cities and Counties will have access to $550 million in block and competitive energy efficiency grants. If your community needs updated infrastructure, renewable energy or a cleaner, more efficient fleet, our team of engineers will help you identify opportunities and leverage Federal incentives.

Electric Vehicles & Buses

Our in depth knowledge of electric vehicle infrastructure and O&M services allow us to provide complete, beginning-to-end EV solutions. We understand the importance of reducing carbon emissions and implementing modern solutions to meet your sustainability goals.

K-12 Schools

Veregy can help your district access the $500 million in energy efficiency and renewable energy grants for EV buses through the Clean School Bus Program. Our team of engineers are available to provide a need assessment including energy and operational savings to support your grant application.


Smart Grid

Veregy works with communities to plan for power resilience against natural disasters and attacks (physical and cyber). Our capabilities include decarbonization, improved energy efficiency and long term predictable energy cost and automated demand management. These technologies and solutions align directly with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Distributed Energy

Solar energy and schools complement each other well. Installing solar panels on schools creates ready-made hands-on learning opportunities for the classroom, turning previously unused roofs or fields into scientific labs and inspiration for student art, writing, and other projects.

DER Feasibility Evaluation

Veregy’s project developer and energy engineers will holistically evaluate the entire facility with an emphasis on IIJA-approved energy reduction technologies and IRA tax incentives. We consider all factors that affect the cost, feasibility, synergies, and operation of various systems. We will gather, review, and confirm technical information and identify missing data needed for the grant application.

After the audit, Veregy will evaluate the ECMs, matching funding needed for the project, scheduling, Buy American and other provisions and consult with your staff to move forward with the direct pay tax incentives and grant application.

This includes but is not limited to:


  • Long-range master plans for renovation, expansion or new construction
  • Cost-reduction goals and risk tolerance
  • Capital-supported ECMs
  • Equipment and fuel preferences
  • Design standards, existing equipment and spare parts inventories
  • Current operational and/or maintenance problems
  • Equipment replacement needs dictated by age, capacity or refrigerant phase-out plans
  • Inadequate comfort control or indoor air quality
  • Goals, such as operating safe and secure facilities, limiting impact to operations and staff, and building upon previous energy efficiency retrofits
  • Grant writing and submission