Monitoring-Based Commissioning for New and Existing Buildings

August 6, 2019

If you have decided to invest in energy efficiency for a new or existing building or facility, you may know about the importance of commissioning. Check out our article on commissioning to learn more. Having plenty of information on the functioning of your facility’s heating, cooling, ventilation, and electrical systems is essential to understanding the bigger picture of energy usage and conservation. Commissioning is an integral step toward strong energy security, and should be conducted by experienced engineering professionals. If you want to stay on top of energy efficiency measures and stay in control of your energy usage, consider monitoring-based commissioning, the latest wave of advancement in commissioning approaches and technology.

What is Monitoring-Based Commissioning?

Monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) is a quality-assurance process for achieving, verifying, and documenting that the performance of facilities, systems, and assemblies meet documented objectives and criteria on an ongoing basis through the collection and analysis of data. MBCx utilizes the latest technology in energy monitoring systems, data analytics, fault detection, and diagnostics, to deliver actionable data to a building manager on demand. In short, MBCx goes a step beyond commissioning to allow for continuous observation and reporting of building systems. An MBCx approach allows building managers to monitor key systems using automated data analytic processes integrated into the building. Instead of a one-time system refurbishment and optimization, MBCx allows for constant data collection, facilitating fine-tuning and ensuring the peak of energy efficiency.

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Why use MBCx?

The key advantage of monitoring-based commissioning is the availability of a constant stream of data to inform decision-making. When faced with dynamic facility operations, it is essential to know how your building’s systems are responding to changing conditions. As various components of your energy or HVAC systems inevitably begin to break down, malfunction, or deteriorate, MBCx can give you immediate feedback, allowing you to rapidly take measures to maintain, repair, or replace the faulty component and prevent any further loss in productivity. In addition to increasing awareness of potential maintenance issues, MBCx allows for ongoing verification of energy efficiency measures by analyzing and verifying their effectiveness so that you can track efficiency gains while optimizing your building’s systems.

When to use MBCx?

Since MBCx offers extensive information on energy usage and efficiency throughout a property, it is a good option for any organization focused on conserving energy on an ongoing basis. Larger buildings with more complex processes and operations tend to benefit the most from monitoring-based commissioning. Any sized building can see improvements and will profit from being made aware of impending mechanical and electrical issues. Institutional, commercial, manufacturing, municipal, and educational buildings are among the candidates that MBCx has helped take control of their energy usage.

When you are ready for MBCx

Monitoring-based commissioning is ideally integrated into a building’s design from the start, making the placement of sensors and control systems easier. This is not mandatory, however, and existing buildings can certainly adopt Monitoring-based commissioning. Having up-to-the-minute information on the efficiency and operations of your heating, cooling, ventilation, and electrical systems can be useful for operations both large and small, technical and non-technical. If you are really interested in using data to inform key decisions about your building’s operations and maintaining a high level of energy efficiency and system accountability, MBCx is a great option. To learn more about how to implement MBCx in your new or existing building, contact us today.

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