Veregy is an Accredited Member of NAESCO

May 1, 2020

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Veregy, a leading Energy Services Company (ESCO) operating across the United States, is proud to announce its recent accreditation from the National Association of Energy Services Companies (NAESCO).

Formed in 2018, when six award-winning regional ESCOs merged, Veregy is a company with national reach and a deep understanding of local markets. As an Energy Services Company, Veregy specializes in offering energy optimization and performance contracting to school districts and municipalities across the US, having saved its clients over 1.4 billion dollars collectively. They are also a leader in solar power installation, generation, and storage.

Founded in 1983, NAESCO is the premier trade group representing ESCOs across the nation; its goal is to promote energy efficiency, set best practices for the industry, and ensuring member companies are held to the highest standards. For the past 37 years, they have helped to shape the ESCO industry as it exists today. In 1996, as the industry expanded after energy market deregulation, they developed a rigorous accreditation program to hold the industry accountable and maintain the highest quality of service within it.

The accreditation program was designed by industry experts to hold accredited companies to the highest professional, technical, and ethical standards. Led by a former anti-trust lawyer the path to accreditation is no easy feat. The challenge posed by the process means that many ESCOs choose not to apply at all and of those that do go through a rigorous examination with no guarantee of approval. There have even been cases where accredited companies have been stripped of their accreditation for failing to maintain the strict standards it requires. Of the many ESCOs in the US, only 24 have achieved accreditation.

Despite the challenges posed, Veregy was thrilled to have the opportunity to apply and is gratified by NAESCO’s recognition of their standards of excellence. Veregy submitted data on many of its most recent projects that were carefully and thoroughly reviewed by the industry experts at NAESCO to prove their technical know-how. They were also asked to provide numerous references to attest to their professionalism and ethics. Perhaps most of all they had to prove, with verifiable data, that their projects saved the contractually obligated energy and money.

“This approval is a testament to the strong relationships and high quality of service we provide our clients across the nation. We are honored to hold this prestigious accreditation,” said John Hobbes, CEO of Veregy.

In earning accreditation, Veregy has been determined to possess the technical and managerial proficiency to develop a full range of comprehensive energy efficiency projects, and the qualifications to provide a full range of energy services including energy audits; design engineering; energy consulting, operations and maintenance services; and the verification of energy savings.

About Veregy
Veregy is a nationwide company offering energy efficiency upgrades, performance contracting, commissioning, controls, engineering services, solar generation, and battery storage to clients in both the public and private sectors. With over 450 employees operating across the country, including 54 Professional Engineers, they have the technical expertise to tackle the most complex challenges. With thousands of buildings optimized and billions of dollars in real savings, they have a proven record of success and are well-positioned to take on your next energy infrastructure project. Visit for more information.

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Vincent Esparza
VP of Marketing and Communications

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