Saint Meinrad Archabbey’s Energy Modernization Journey

May 20, 2024

Saint Meinrad Solar
In 2015, Saint Meinrad embarked on a journey toward modernizing its infrastructure by implementing a small-scale geothermal energy project. Following this success, discussions on further upgrades led the monastery’s leadership to explore solar energy options, eventually leading them to Veregy.

Divided into two phases, the project yielded significant benefits for Saint Meinrad. Phase 1, funded at $3.8 million, focused on LED lighting upgrades and solar panel installations, generating annual savings of $243,000. For Phase 2, Saint Meinrad collaborated with financer D.A. Davidson & Co., securing $15.2 million for additional upgrades including a central geothermal plant and more solar installations. This phase, closing on Earth Day, symbolizes Saint Meinrad’s dedication to environmental stewardship. The resultant annual savings, totaling $1 million, will feed into the monastery’s Green Revolving Fund, earmarked for future sustainability initiatives, exemplifying their commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

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