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Welcome to Veregy, your premier partner for sustainable solutions and cost-saving initiatives in Kentucky. Our mission is to provide tailored solutions that resonate with the unique priorities of our clients in the state of Kentucky. In Kentucky, clients value sustainability and practicality. That’s why Veregy’s approach is centered around initiatives that not only enhance infrastructure but also save money and promote sustainability. Whether it’s through energy conservation measures, facility improvement initiatives, or other sustainable solutions, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals while maximizing savings.

At Veregy, we offer a comprehensive approach that addresses the entire spectrum of energy needs, including energy efficiency, infrastructure upgrades, smart building technology, fleet EV infrastructure, clean energy generation, and sustainability. We believe in providing our clients with the total solution. With Veregy, clients in Indiana can trust that they’re partnering with a company that is committed to their success and sustainability.

Why Partner With Veregy For Your Next Project?
  • Savings to Fund Improvements: Rather than relying on your limited budgets or taxpayer funding, our projects maximize energy and operational cost savings to pay for your project.
  • Guaranteed Results: On many projects, the cost savings we propose are guaranteed, meaning that if you don’t generate the expected savings, we will write you a check for the difference. We have never missed a guarantee!
  • Enhanced Environments: From classrooms to community spaces to employee workspaces and beyond, we help you improve comfort within your spaces so that your stakeholders can be proud of the environments where they learn, work, play, and live.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology & Support: Our in-house engineers are experts in building automation and have developed smart building technologies to help you automate tedious processes, monitor facility system performance in real time, measure key performance indicators, and deliver optimal results. Our team remains engaged and offers ongoing support to ensure you maintain positive outcomes for years to come.
  • Unmatched Client Satisfaction: Enjoy peace of mind with a partner you can count on to exceed expectations. Veregy has earned an exceptional client satisfaction rating, and most clients are so pleased that they engage in multiple project phases with us.

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“Throughout the challenges of Covid-19, Veregy’s dedication to these initiatives exceeded expectations. Even with the unprecedented circumstances caused by the pandemic, Veregy continued to stay within budget, provide constant communication and customer updates, and pay close attention to detail. There were no change orders throughout the project duration. In fact, Veregy found ways to reduce the overall contract price. All phases of the project stayed on schedule and were completed on time. With all phases combined, this project will save Madison Consolidated Schools over $21 Million in energy and operational savings over the next 20 years and produce over 1,731,938 kWh of solar energy each year.”

Kevin Yancey

Former Superintendent, Madison Consolidated Schools

“Evansville Regional Airport published a Request for Proposal for Guaranteed Energy Savings Project, and Johnson­Melloh Solutions was awarded that project in 2019. From their first proposal to throughout the project, the team at JMS has been both professional and personable. As a service provider, we recognize the importance of providing world-class service safely and efficiently, and JMS demonstrated the same level of work ethics throughout the duration of our solar project. In addition, the airport’s overall success heavily depends on our passenger amenities and operational excellence, which includes state-of-the-art facilities with the environment and return of investment in mind. JMS has been reliable in helping us meet all of those goals.”

Nathaniel Hahn

Executive Director, Evansville Regional Airport

Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of working with Veregy on repairs and replacement of our heating and cooling control systems. We had recently purchased new HVAC units but were not realizing the efficiency savings because our control systems were not working together. We also looked at the projected annual energy savings and realized it was advantageous for us to move forward with the Veregy project. We are excited to report that in the first five months following completion of the project we have a total savings of $74,835.73.

Marc Kreischer

Superintendent, Bloom-Vernon Local Schools

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