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Tennessee, with its vibrant communities and dynamic economy, faces unique challenges such as energy consumption growth, environmental concerns, and aging infrastructure. These challenges, specific to Tennessee, are compounded by the need for technological integration in both urban and rural areas, impacting everything from local governments to educational institutions, businesses, and airports. At Veregy, we not only recognize these challenges but also understand them deeply, making us your ideal partner in addressing these issues crucial to Tennessee’s overall development.

We specialize in uncovering hidden cost savings within your facilities, helping you to reduce operational costs. Our comprehensive suite of services includes energy-efficient solutions, advanced building automation, and renewable energy projects tailored to meet Tennessee’s specific needs. From the bustling streets of Nashville to the scenic pathways of the Smokies, Veregy is committed to empowering Tennessee’s institutions and businesses to achieve their financial and environmental goals, ensuring they not only survive but thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Discover the difference of partnering with Veregy, where your energy transition becomes a journey of growth and success.

Why Partner With Veregy For Your Next Project?
  • Savings to Fund Improvements: Rather than relying on your limited budgets or taxpayer funding, our projects maximize energy and operational cost savings to pay for your project.
  • Guaranteed Results: On many projects, the cost savings we propose are guaranteed, meaning that if you don’t generate the expected savings, we will write you a check for the difference. 
  • Enhanced Environments: From classrooms to community spaces to employee workspaces and beyond, we help you improve comfort within your spaces so that your stakeholders can be proud of the environments where they learn, work, play, and live.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology & Support: Our in-house engineers are experts in building automation and have developed smart building technologies to help you automate tedious processes, monitor facility system performance in real time, measure key performance indicators, and deliver optimal results. Our team remains engaged and offers ongoing support to ensure you maintain positive outcomes for years to come.
  • Unmatched Client Satisfaction: Enjoy peace of mind with a partner you can count on to exceed expectations. Veregy has earned an exceptional client satisfaction rating, and most clients are so pleased that they engage in multiple project phases with us.

Veregy Tennessee Office

11205 Lebanon Rd. Suite 7
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

Local Government

Local governments across Tennessee are faced with the challenge of balancing fiscal responsibility with the growing demand for modern, efficient, and resilient infrastructure. Veregy’s holistic approach to energy and infrastructure solutions is designed to help local governments achieve more with less. Through innovative energy efficiency projects, smart city integrations, and renewable energy installations, we assist municipalities in navigating budgetary constraints, enhancing public services, and driving community development. Our expertise ensures that cities and counties can meet their sustainability goals, reduce operational costs, and foster a healthier, safer environment for all citizens. 

Veregy has helped local government clients fund critical capital improvement projects that address aging infrastructure, inefficient building systems, and deferred maintenance by upgrading HVAC, lighting, building envelope, building automation/controls, cutting-edge smart building technologies, and more. Reach out to us for a no-cost facility needs assessment or long-term master planning to uncover where you can drive utility savings and operational efficiency. To learn more about how we can help you, visit us here.

K-12 Education

As a school district in Tennessee, we understand that you face a unique, dual challenge of ensuring educational excellence while managing resource limitations. Veregy stands at the forefront of creating sustainable, safe, and healthy learning environments through energy-efficient solutions and technology integration. 

In Tennessee, K-12 schools are navigating a landscape of funding constraints, educational equity, and the urgent need for modernized facilities to support advanced learning environments. Veregy is uniquely positioned to assist Tennessee’s schools in overcoming these challenges by implementing energy-efficient solutions and smart building technologies that reduce operational costs and enhance educational outcomes. Our services prioritize creating safe, energy-efficient learning spaces that reduce facility costs while empowering both students and teachers.

Our team is comprised of experts in energy and facility improvements. Our engineers are experts in HVAC, lighting, building envelope, building automation/controls, and smart building technologies to deliver optimal savings and operational efficiency, as well as healthy, comfortable learning environments for students, staff, and community members. With Veregy’s expertise, Tennessee’s schools can leverage cost savings to reinvest in critical educational resources, thereby improving student performance and well-being across the state.

Our commitment to supporting Tennessee’s schools extends well beyond infrastructure improvements; we foster environments that promote student well-being, safety, and academic success. To learn more, visit us here


Aviation & Transportation

Veregy has helped more than 47 airports across 21 states adapt to their real-world situations with flexible and creative solutions. We provide airports with complete, beginning-to-end renewable energy solutions as a leading energy service company. With over 30 years of energy efficiency expertise, we have the resources to develop custom strategies and solutions to meet your sustainability goals and objectives. From renewable energy to future-proof your facilities, to terminal renovations complete with HVAC upgrades and digital services to ensure everything continues to run optimally, at Veregy we have the solutions to meet your airport’s changing needs.

With Veregy, airports across the nation can achieve their goals of maintaining best-in-class transportation facilities to keep people moving. As a leader in sustainability, we ensure designs are energy efficient and environmentally friendly in an industry making strides in sustainability and stewardship. To learn more, visit us here.  

Tennesse Partnerships

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Your [Veregy’s] design and project execution for five of our buildings: Town Hall, Municipal Building, Pubic Works Building, Golf Course, and Recreation Center, was truly outstanding. Every phase of the project, from the energy audit to the engineering, communications, logistics, and project coordination was completed efficiently and smoother than any other project I have experienced in my 30 plus years in facilities management.” 

“In addition to resolving many of our building system issues at the Rec. Center, we have experienced a 58% energy savings in the month of September. This savings resulted in the lowest energy bill we have on record for any month of September!!!” 

“I was truly impressed with the team that you assembled, as they have demonstrated exceptional professionalism and work ethic. On behalf of our city, I thank you and your team for a great project experience. I look forward to a lasting relationship with Veregy.

Tom Byrne

Director of Facilities<br /> City of Groveport

We have found the entire Veregy team to be highly reputable, trustworthy, and ethical. They do what they say they will do and continue to stand as a partner with the County. Veregy puts our needs first and continues to exceed our expectations. For these reasons, I highly recommend your consideration of Veregy for any facility or system improvement projects.

Darieus Adams

County Commissioner,<br /> Jasper County, MO

The Veregy team’s wealth of experience, respect from subcontractors, and management skills resulted in our project meeting schedule, budget, and exceeding our expectations. This experience was a saving grace with the supply chain issues that came out of the post COVID era. Veregy had the experience and financial strength to handle any situation and a track record proving that they stand behind this commitment. Our experience with Veregy has been top notch and their professionalism has been a tremendous relief to us.”

David Haley

Chief of Police<br /> City of Carlinville

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