Union R-XI School District Energy-Efficient Renovation

April 17, 2019

Union project video preview Image

Veregy’s central team (Formerly CTS Group) and Union R-XI School District have completed the third phase of a comprehensive energy-efficiency project. The $1.2 million Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contract is forecasted to save the District $95,767 per year in energy, operations and maintenance costs. With the help of Veregy’s team, the District was awarded utility incentives in the amount of $77,690.

Enhancements across the District’s five facilities included a complete lighting retrofit, changing energy-inefficient fluorescent lamps to LED technology. The classrooms were also installed with dual-technology non-switch mounted occupancy sensor systems, further increasing energy savings. The High School’s main Gymnasium, Foyer, and Common/Cafeteria areas included the installation of a complete wireless control system that will allow activation of individual high bay fixtures, setting scenes and adjusting light levels for events and presentations, as needed.

The District is also utilizing the Veregy Facility Hawk Continual Commissioning System, which will collect and analyze building performance data to improve the buildings’ energy efficiency and operational performance. The project will improve the District’s learning environments for many years to come.

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