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Arkansas, a beacon of natural beauty and resilience, uniquely poised to tackle its challenges head-on. Characterized by its rich history, diverse landscapes, and the spirit of its people, Arkansas grapples with a range of issues, including its abundant natural resources, economic development initiatives, and environmental sustainability goals.

Veregy recognizes the nuanced challenges that Arkansans face and is committed to actively engaging with them through tailored solutions. Our energy-efficient designs, smart building integrations, and specialized engineering solutions are crafted to uplift Arkansas communities, businesses, and educational institutions. We champion the creation of a resilient infrastructure capable of weathering the state’s changing landscape, fostering sustainable economic development, and seamlessly integrating technology into education.

With Veregy, Arkansas’ journey towards innovation and resilience becomes more than a vision; it becomes a tangible reality. Explore how our expertise in distributed and renewable energy, facility services, and digital solutions can propel your energy transition into a narrative of triumph and sustainability, uniquely tailored to the needs and aspirations of Arkansas.

K-12 Education

As a school district in Arkansas, we recognize the distinctive, dual challenge you encounter: ensuring educational excellence while managing resource constraints. Veregy leads the charge in establishing sustainable, secure, and conducive learning environments through energy-efficient solutions and technological integration. Our team comprises specialists in energy and facility enhancements. With expertise in HVAC, lighting, building envelope, building automation/controls, and smart building technologies, our engineers ensure optimal savings and operational efficiency while providing healthy, comfortable learning spaces for students, staff, and community members.

Our dedication to supporting Arkansas’ schools transcends mere infrastructure enhancements; we cultivate environments that prioritize student well-being, safety, and academic achievement.

Local Government

Local governments in Arkansas face the ongoing challenge of harmonizing fiscal prudence with the increasing need for contemporary, effective, and robust infrastructure. Veregy’s comprehensive strategy for energy and infrastructure solutions provides Arkansas municipalities with the means to accomplish more with limited resources. By implementing pioneering energy-saving initiatives, integrating smart city technologies, and deploying renewable energy systems, we assist local governments in navigating financial limitations, improving public amenities, and stimulating community advancement. Our proficiency guarantees that cities and counties can fulfill their sustainability objectives, curtail operational expenses, and cultivate a more sustainable, secure environment for all residents.

Higher Education

In the dynamic landscape of higher education in Arkansas, institutions strive to maintain competitiveness and sustainability while enriching the campus experience for students and faculty alike. Veregy partners with colleges and universities to introduce energy-efficient solutions, smart campus technologies, and sustainable infrastructure projects that drive cost reductions and minimize environmental impact.

Our team of engineers specializes in implementing HVAC, lighting, building envelope, building automation/controls, and state-of-the-art smart building technologies across both public and private sectors. Drawing on our expertise, we optimize savings and operational efficiency throughout your institution, ensuring every facet of your facility operates at peak performance. This holistic approach not only bolsters academic excellence but also nurtures innovation and sustainability on campus.

With Veregy, higher education institutions in Arkansas can realize their objectives of delivering an exceptional educational experience in an environmentally conscious and financially viable manner.

Aviation & Transportation

In Arkansas, where movement means progress, having reliable transportation is key. Veregy leads the way in sustainable transportation solutions, ensuring energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. From airport renovations to EV charging stations, Veregy’s commitment to sustainability helps Arkansas stay ahead in transportation innovation.

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“Ogden City is now realizing over $450,000 in annual savings from our project and will continue our journey to a sustainable community of which this EPC project with McKinstry is an important part.”

Justin Anderson

Professional Engineer, Office of City Engineers, Ogden City, Department of Public Services

“Veregy will provide a level of excellence rarely seen in this day and age. I have been able to contact Veregy at any point day or night, and their response time is always immediate. I cannot begin to express the comfort in knowing, that in the middle of a school play on a Saturday night, Veregy was there to guarantee the comfort level in our auditorium. The heating and air has not worked correctly in our auditorium since the school was built, but [Veregy] was able to correct the issues during this project.”

Chad Belville

Superintendent, Fairfield Union Local Schools

“Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of working with Veregy on repairs and replacement of our heating and cooling control systems. We had recently purchased new HVAC units but were not realizing the efficiency savings because our control systems were not working together. We also looked at the projected annual energy savings and realized it was advantageous for us to move forward with the Veregy project. We are excited to report that in the first five months following completion of the project we have a total savings of $74,835.73”.

Marc Kreischer

Superintendent, Bloom-Vernon Local Schools

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