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Ensuring Cost-Efficiency in Missouri’s Energy Solutions

Missouri faces unique challenges from economic pressures and aging infrastructure that can complicate building efficiency. At Veregy, we understand that maintaining control over costs while achieving energy efficiency goals is more crucial than ever. We manage the risks our clients face by offering guaranteed pricing and expert project management, ensuring your investments are protected. We offer comprehensive turnkey improvement projects encompassing geothermal, solar, water/wastewater systems, advanced metering solutions, and electric vehicle infrastructure.

Our approach makes stakeholders happy—from board members to taxpayers—by providing clear expectations and tangible results. By handling all the complexities and holding contractors accountable, Veregy frees up your team to focus on their core responsibilities without the added burden of managing unfamiliar scopes of work.

Partner with us to experience a streamlined, cost-effective approach to energy management that Missouri’s local governments, schools, universities, and airports can rely on for growth and sustainability.

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K-12 Education

In Missouri, K-12 schools are navigating a landscape of funding constraints, educational equity, and the urgent need for modernized facilities to support advanced learning environments. Veregy is uniquely positioned to assist Missouri’s schools in overcoming these challenges by implementing energy-efficient solutions and smart building technologies that reduce operational costs and enhance educational outcomes. Leveraging cutting-edge sustainable design, technology, and behavior modification strategies, Veregy has a proven track record of success, having crafted state-of-the-art educational solutions across the nation. From HVAC and lighting to building automation and distributed energy, Veregy’s full suite of optimization solutions is poised to revolutionize Misouri’s K-12 schools.

Our services prioritize creating safe, energy-efficient learning spaces that reduce facility costs while empowering both students and teachers. With Veregy’s expertise, schools can leverage cost savings to reinvest in critical educational resources, thereby improving student performance and well-being across the state. To learn more, visit us here

Local Government

Local governments across Missouri are faced with balancing fiscal responsibility with the growing demand for modern, efficient, and resilient infrastructure. Veregy’s holistic approach to energy and infrastructure solutions empowers local governments to achieve more with less. Through innovative energy efficiency projects, smart city integrations, and renewable energy installations, we help municipalities navigate budgetary constraints, enhance public services, and drive community development. From wastewater treatment plants to electric vehicle infrastructure, water meters to street lighting, Veregy offers a comprehensive suite of solutions meticulously crafted to address the unique needs of Missouri municipalities.

Few facility renovation projects present as unique a challenge as the renovation of historic structures, such as Courthouses. These structures are more than just buildings; they are living, breathing embodiments of a community’s heritage and identity. Veregy is proud to partner with local governments in Missouri to restore their historic courthouses so that they may continue to serve the community for decades.

With a commitment to modernizing facilities and enhancing operational efficiency while prioritizing environmental stewardship, Veregy’s turnkey solutions exemplify a fusion of innovation, expertise, and social responsibility. Our expertise ensures cities and counties can meet their sustainability goals, reduce operational costs, and foster a healthier, safer environment for all citizens. To learn more about how we can help you, visit us here.

Higher Education

Nestled within the diverse landscapes of Missouri lies a tapestry of higher education institutions, each poised at the intersection of tradition and innovation. Amidst the evolving landscape of sustainability and fiscal responsibility, Veregy emerges as a catalyst for change, offering tailored solutions designed to navigate the complexities of modern campus life. With a keen focus on decarbonization, Veregy stands ready to assist colleges and universities in charting a course towards a greener, more sustainable future. From master planning to facility modernization, Veregy’s comprehensive approach addresses the pressing need to reduce carbon footprints while aligning with strategic priorities and financial objectives. By simplifying procurement, funding, and the application of incentives, Veregy empowers institutions to embark on transformative journeys without the burden of upfront capital investment. Leveraging cutting-edge digital services, Veregy seamlessly integrates and manages campus building systems, optimizing energy usage and setting the stage for decarbonization. As higher education institutions face tightening budgets and growing demands for sustainable practices, Veregy stands as a trusted partner, offering turnkey solutions that not only enhance efficiency but also cultivate safe, healthy, and sustainable environments for students, faculty, and staff alike. Through a combination of innovation, expertise, and commitment to excellence, Veregy paves the way for Missouri’s higher education sector to thrive in an era defined by sustainability and fiscal responsibility. To learn more, visit us here.

Aviation & Transportation

Veregy has helped more than 47 airports across 21 states adapt to their real-world situations with flexible and creative solutions. We provide airports with complete, beginning-to-end renewable energy solutions as a leading energy service company. From terminal renovations to HVAC upgrades, from net metering solar arrays to EV charging stations, Veregy’s airport solutions exemplify a dedication to efficiency, resilience, and cost savings. With over 30 years of energy efficiency expertise, we have the resources to develop custom strategies and solutions to meet your sustainability goals and objectives. From renewable energy to future-proof your facilities, to terminal renovations complete with HVAC upgrades and digital services to ensure everything continues to run optimally, at Veregy we have the solutions to meet your airport’s changing needs. To learn more, visit us here

Missouri Partnerships

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“Over the past fifteen years, Veregy, formerly CTS, has partnered with Lake Land College to implement state-of-the art sustainability initiatives on campus. Veregy has led the design of numerous cutting-edge technologies including the nationally renowned geothermal heating and cooling system servicing all buildings on the College’s main campus. Veregy was the architect of Lake Land’s comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) systems. Coupled with the upgrade of lighting across campus to LED and natural lighting, the PV project has substantially reduced the College’s reliance on purchased electricity. Finally, Veregy assisted the College in the implementation of a college-wide healthy building indoor air quality project. Clean air, natural lighting and thermal comfort all contribute to the safety and performance of students and staff. We could not be more pleased with the ease of working with Veregy and the quality of services we received. It has been a true pleasure working with Veregy’s talented team.”

Josh Bullock

President, Lake Land College

We have found the entire Veregy team to be highly reputable, trustworthy, and ethical. They do what they say they will do and continue to stand as a partner with the County. Veregy puts our needs first and continues to exceed our expectations. For these reasons, I highly recommend your consideration of Veregy for any facility or system improvement projects. 

Darieus Adams

County Commissioner,<br /> Jasper County

“Veregy conducted a thorough infrastructure assessment of our facilities and developed a comprehensive plan to address areas where the city could reduce costs, improve energy efficiency and comfort, and address deferred maintenance needs. Through Veregy, we used a state statute to help fund improvements with energy and operational savings through a guaranteed energy savings project. Veregy also successfully applied for and received $157,819 in grant and incentive money on the city’s behalf to help pay for the improvements. Our facilities have been greatly improved, and the resulting energy savings are even higher than expected at more than $73,000 in the first 12 months. They went above and beyond to have the projects completed to our satisfaction and expectations, and I would highly recommend Veregy to anyone contemplating a facility improvement project or energy-saving modifications.”

Amy C. Hamilton

City Manager, Richmond Heights

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