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Veregy is a full-service Energy Services Company that focuses on implementing and installing creative, well-engineered energy, facility, and infrastructure improvement solutions that exceed client expectations and savings goals. As an Ohio-based team with a strong national presence, Veregy delivers a local customer service experience for clients throughout the State of Ohio while also providing all the benefits of a national firm.

Why Partner With Veregy For Your Next Project?
  • Local Experience: Our team has implemented 200+ projects in Ohio generating millions of dollars in annual savings.
  • Savings to Fund Improvements: Rather than relying on your limited budgets or taxpayer funding, our projects maximize energy and operational cost savings to pay for your project.
  • Guaranteed Results: On many projects, the cost savings we propose are guaranteed, meaning that if you don’t generate the expected savings, we will write you a check for the difference. We have never missed a guarantee!
  • Enhanced Environments: From classrooms to community spaces to employee workspaces and beyond, we help you improve comfort within your spaces so that your stakeholders can be proud of the environments where they learn, work, play, and live.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology & Support: Our in-house engineers are experts in building automation and have developed smart building technologies to help you automate tedious processes, monitor facility system performance in real time, measure key performance indicators, and deliver optimal results. Our team remains engaged and offers ongoing support to ensure you maintain positive outcomes for years to come.
  • Unmatched Client Satisfaction: Enjoy peace of mind with a partner you can count on to exceed expectations. Veregy has earned an exceptional client satisfaction rating, and most clients are so pleased that they engage in multiple project phases with us.
  • Grant Funding Available Now: The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) includes the largest clean energy incentive effort in U.S. history. Find out how your organization can leverage IRA tax credits to save as much as 50% or more on qualifying project costs.

Veregy Ohio Office

855 Grandview Avenue, Suite 240
Columbus, Ohio 43215

K-12 Education

As a leader in the K-12 market with 500+ K-12 projects nationwide including partnerships with 45+ Ohio school districts, Veregy is well-versed in K-12 facilities. We have developed innovative solutions to help you use energy and operational cost savings to fund your facility upgrades without relying on taxpayer dollars.

Our team is comprised of experts in energy and facility improvements as well as former Ohio school Superintendents who understand the unique challenges and opportunities in Ohio schools. Our engineers are experts in HVAC, lighting, building envelope, building automation/controls, and smart building technologies to deliver optimal savings and operational efficiency, as well as healthy, comfortable learning environments for students, staff, and community members.

As the META Solutions Energy and Building Projects Partner, Veregy has been thoroughly vetted and selected by member districts to provide high-quality facility improvements with expedited procurement and competitive pricing. Let Veregy help you achieve your education, financial, operational, and community goals.

Local Government

Cities and counties throughout Ohio are faced with the challenges of upkeeping public amenities with limited budgets. Veregy has helped local government clients fund critical capital improvement projects that address aging infrastructure, inefficient building systems, and deferred maintenance by upgrading HVAC, lighting, building envelope, building automation/controls, cutting-edge smart building technologies, and more.

Engage with Veregy for a no-cost facility needs assessment or long-term master planning to uncover where you can drive utility savings and operational efficiency. Advance your sustainability goals and move towards net-zero emissions by upgrading your failing equipment to efficient technology that is both easier and less costly to operate and maintain. By utilizing guaranteed energy and operational cost savings to fund infrastructure improvements, you can avoid incurring debt, exhibit stewardship of taxpayer funds, and enhance your community.

As the META Solutions Energy and Building Projects Partner, Veregy has been thoroughly vetted and selected by member organizations to provide high-quality facility improvements with expedited procurement and competitive pricing. Join the other cities and counties in Ohio that have leveraged Veregy to achieve their financial, operational, and community goals.

Higher Education

Veregy brings a deep understanding of higher education infrastructure, offering innovative solutions tailored to harness energy and operational savings to finance vital facility upgrades. Partner with us to transform your campus into an energy-efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable environment for students, staff, and your local community.

Our team of engineers are experts in implementing HVAC, lighting, building envelope, building automation/controls, and cutting-edge smart building technologies in both the public and private sector. Leveraging our expertise, we optimize savings and operational efficiency across your institution, ensuring every aspect of your facility operates at peak performance.

Embrace decarbonization and pave the way towards net-zero emissions by replacing outdated equipment with efficient technologies to reduce energy and operations costs and streamline maintenance. With Veregy, your institution can achieve its sustainability goals while enhancing the quality of campus life.

Aviation & Transportation

Known as the “Birthplace of Aviation,” Ohio is home to leaders in the transportation industry. Having partnered with 45+ airports across 20+ states, Veregy has the expertise to empower aviation leaders like you to soar to new heights of efficiency and sustainability. Our tailored solutions are designed to optimize energy usage, streamline operations, and reduce costs, all while enhancing the passenger experience.

Our developers have years of experience in occupied buildings and at airports, optimizing central plants, and developing master plans. Dedicated subject matter experts, including electric vehicle charging, distributed energy, digital services, runway lighting and more, are available to bring your project to life. Take advantage of solar energy, vehicle electrification, and other technologies that enable your airport to generate additional revenue to fund capital improvements.

By implementing efficient technologies and embracing renewable energy solutions, we help you move closer to achieving your sustainability goals and net-zero emissions while maintaining operational excellence. Join forces with Veregy and embark on a journey towards a greener, more efficient future for your airport.

Commercial & Industrial

Veregy offers a comprehensive suite of energy services tailored to meet the unique demands of the commercial and industrial sectors. With a focus on manufacturing expertise, we excel in optimizing energy-intensive systems, installing solar and battery storage solutions, managing electric vehicle (EV) fleets, integrating microgrids, and providing ongoing monitoring and management of energy consumption and generation assets.

Our flexible and scalable services are customized to each site, ensuring that we meet all your needs while reducing utility expenses and operational costs. Through meticulous monitoring and management of energy consumption and generation assets, we ensure optimal performance while maximizing your return on investment.

Whether you’re looking to reduce costs, streamline operations, or minimize environmental impact, Veregy has the expertise and resources to deliver results that drive your business forward. Partner with Veregy and unlock the full potential of your commercial and industrial operations. Experience the power of tailored energy solutions that optimize performance, minimize risk, and position your business for long-term success in today’s dynamic marketplace.


At Veregy, we understand the unique challenges healthcare facilities face in Ohio. Veregy’s tailored energy solutions including HVAC, lighting, building envelope, building automation/controls, smart building technologies, and more are designed to tackle rising utility rates, reduce operational costs, and enhance the patient experience. Our expertise extends beyond mere energy efficiency—we’re dedicated to improving building health, light levels, and overall comfort for patients, doctors, and staff alike.

From emergency rooms to waiting rooms, our control systems optimize conditions to ensure patients receive the highest quality care. Moreover, sustainability is at the core of our mission as we work with healthcare providers to meet decarbonization goals, reducing environmental impact while promoting a healthier future for all.

Partner with Veregy to transform your healthcare facility into a beacon of efficiency, comfort, and sustainability. Let us help you achieve your goals while providing exceptional care to those who need it most.

Ohio Partnerships

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“I was very impressed from the outset that Veregy representatives sought input from a variety of county stakeholders prior to doing any work at all… I’ve also been very impressed with the open lines of communication that our board has enjoyed with different Veregy employees. If I call any of the Veregy folks, they either answer the phone or they’re back with me in minutes…this is really our project of the century.”

Kevin Ritter

President, Board of Commissioners, Washington County

“Veregy will provide a level of excellence rarely seen in this day and age. I have been able to contact Veregy at any point day or night, and their response time is always immediate. I cannot begin to express the comfort in knowing, that in the middle of a school play on a Saturday night, Veregy was there to guarantee the comfort level in our auditorium. The heating and air has not worked correctly in our auditorium since the school was built, but Veregy was able to correct the issues during this project.”

Chad Belville

Superintendent, Fairfield Union Local Schools

Working with Veregy removes a great deal of stress, while providing confidence in the project.  The Veregy contract was bid and awarded through a META Solutions RFP, written by Bricker and Graydon and reviewed by the Ohio Attorney General’s office and provides a turnkey solution for districts to use.  Veregy coordinates the final award and selection, project management, and takes the lead in working through unforeseen  issues that come up in the project.  Vergy takes the worry out of these projects while saving districts money.  I encourage you to speak with Veregy if you are considering energy or IAQ projects.

Jamie Grube

Superintendent, Groveport Madison Schools

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