Veregy wins 2023 Green Technology Environmental Champion Leadership Award

October 19, 2023

Veregy California Team Accepting Award

Veregy is thrilled to announce we have been honored with the 2023 Green Technology Environmental Champion Leadership Award. This prestigious recognition was presented by Green Technology during the CA Schools and Higher Education Summit on October 17 in Pasadena, CA.This award underscores Veregy’s unwavering commitment to sustainability within California.

Green Technology has highlighted and awarded companies in various categories since 2007. Partners and sponsors of Green Technology are given the title of Sustainability Champions. Previously, awards were only available for public sector institutions. However, they have started to acknowledge private sector companies to highlight the great work private companies do to further energy efficiency and sustainability in the public sector markets. Green Technology has only given awards to 2 out of the 20 Sustainability Champions, with the most recent award being given to Veregy.

Veregy’s recent Environmental Champion Leadership Award included a nomination as well as a blind evaluation and scoring process by Green Technology’s advisory board. Veregy was recognized for its efforts to educate and assist over 80 TK-12 districts, recently netting $68M in grant-funded projects across 600 schools, resulting in over 650 projects and $200M in total funding for California. This award recognizes substantial effort over a significant amount of time, in service to TK-12 and Higher Education institutions, their students, staff, and the communities they serve. 

Overall, the award acknowledges the benefit of Veregy’s engagement with the education market and the benefits this engagement provides California schools and communities through energy efficiency, energy resilience, and sustainability efforts in California.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the esteemed sustainability advocates honored at this year’s Leadership Awards Lunch: San Bernardino Community College District, Merced Union High School District, California State University, and Sacramento California Environmental Literacy Initiative (CAELI).

Veregy California Team Accepting Award
Pictured from left to right: Rajesh Nabar,
Tania Bradford, Brett Gallagher, and Shea Dibble
Pictured from left to right: Brett Gallagher, Tania Bradford, Jema Estrella (LACOE), Rajesh Nabar, and Shea Dibble

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