Veregy Project of the Year: MSD Wayne Township!

May 24, 2023

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Veregy Project of the Year Winner: MSD Wayne Township!

Veregy is excited to announce the 2022 Project of the Year winner –  MSD Wayne Township from Central Indiana.

Throughout the year, projects were nominated based on uniqueness, customer satisfaction, or some other factor that made the project stand out. After nomination, six different projects from across the company competed for the Project of the Year Award in a “Shark Tank” scenario, allowing the team with the highest investment to take home the honor.

MSD of Wayne Township partnered with Veregy to develop one of Indiana’s largest Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects to date. With the implementation of this $26.5 million project, MSD Wayne had three main goals: addressing aging and inefficient infrastructure, taking a hard look at the district’s energy consumption, and improving the management of energy utility rates. Veregy’s project design included over 15 different energy conservation measures district-wide, guaranteeing over $1 million in energy costs each year and saving over 9,500,000 kWhs of energy usage annually.

Congratulations to the MSD Wayne Project Team and to all those who helped make this project a success!

To learn more about the project, follow this link:

* Picture Above (from left to right)

Scott Brown, Eli Hannoy, Arash Habibi-Soureh, Wes Walker, Lindsay Yazel, and Kurt Schneider


If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Lindsay Yazel at 

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