MSD of Boone Township Focuses on Energy Efficiency

October 3, 2023


MSD of Boone Township Focuses on Energy Efficiency


Hebron Schools in Indiana are cracking down on energy costs and incorporating renewable technology to put dollars back in the classroom.


MSD of Boone Township has recently partnered with energy service company, Veregy, to design and install a guaranteed energy savings project. This project, priced at $1.4 million, will consist of roof restoration and rooftop solar array installation. The 150 kW solar array will aid the district in offsetting the annual electric consumption and rising utility costs.


“The MSD of Boone Township is proud to partner with Veregy to conserve resources and create a path for future financial savings that will be significant for our district,” said Mr. Jeff Brooks, Superintendent of MSD of Boone Township. “This solar array project is the first phase of a long-term strategy to bring more dollars into the classroom and our facilities with the intention of making a positive impact on our students.”


With this new energy savings project, MSD of Boone Township is guaranteed to save $3 million over the next 30 years. This frees up essential funding that allows district money to funnel back where it’s needed most: the classrooms.


With the federal benefits from the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), MSD Boone’s energy efficiency project will qualify for additional incentives and tax credits. This will save the district even more over the next few years and allow MSD Boone to maximize the return on their investment.


“Veregy is thrilled to be partnering with MSD of Boone Township in strategizing and implementing their goals as they pursue financial, environmental, and operational excellence for themselves and the community,” said Arash Habibi-Soureh, Account Executive. “This first phase is a perfect demonstration of MSD Boone’s commitment to strategic investments in infrastructure improvements that will save money in their operational fund, which will directly benefit the teachers, students, and staff in the district.”


With the implementation of this new energy efficiency project, MSD Boone is already looking into incorporating additional energy projects throughout the district. By utilizing other energy conservation measures, MSD Boone will be able to look forward to the savings for years to come.



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